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Before the Premier League begins, Canal+ signs carriage deals in the Czech and Slovak republics.

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With Canal+, Slovak Telekom, Digi Slovakia, and T-Mobile Czech Republic have established a new, three-year strategic partnership. As a result, the three firms will continue to broadcast the English Premier League via the new channel Canal+ Sport.


Senior manager of Slovak Telekom’s TV section and terminals Marcel Atanek commented on the development, saying: “Thanks to the combined efforts of all parties, we were able to effectively bring the discussions to a successful end. We are pleased to announce that the Premier League will provide exciting football for three years to viewers in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. I’m not lying when I say that each game in this competition provides football fans with an authentic experience. And it’s definitely worth watching, even if only from the convenience of home. Perhaps even more so this year since the Premier League is commemorating its 30th season since its inaugural match in the 1992–1993 campaign.

The Canal+ brand will make a strong entry into the Czech and Slovak market, according to Berk Uziyel, CEO of SPI International, a company that is now a part of the Canal+ Group and is in charge of the B2B distribution of Canal+ products in the region. In addition to our current viewers in Skylink and Freesat, our agreement with Slovak Telekom, Digi Slovakia, and T-Mobile Czech Republic will enable more fans to access fantastic content from the English Premier League. By enhancing it further with the new products from SPI and its distribution through partnerships, Canal+ will continue to increase its content offering and give viewers access to top-notch goods. The creation of Canal+ Sport by Ladislav?ehacek and his crew, which features top-notch productions, will improve the viewing experience of the English Premier League. We appreciate the cooperation of each of our partners in achieving this agreement.

“By completing the broadcast rights agreement, we consider this as a breakthrough success, due to which we can continue to deliver premium content and a distinguished selection of programmes to our clients,” said Zdenek Spurny, manager of T-television Mobile’s services. As some of the most watched and sought-after programmes on T-Mobile TV, our sports channels now allow fans to completely experience a variety of high-quality football, including the elite Premier League.

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