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Beyonce • Lizzo – Due to backlash Remove ‘Ableist’ Song Lyric from Renaissance



Beyonce new albumRenaissance

Mason Poole Beyonce, Beyonce is altering her image. According to PEOPLE, the 40-year-old singer will change a line from a song on her new album Renaissance after it was dubbed “ableist.”

Beyoncé’s spokesperson has confirmed that the lyrics in her song “Heated” that utilise the disparaging term “spaz” would be modified.

The statement reads, “The word, not purposefully used in a detrimental way, shall be replaced.”

Disability activists expressed their disapproval of Beyoncé’s use of the term online. These activists included advocate Hannah Diveney, who called the use of the term “ableist” in an opinion piece published in The Guardian, and the disability advocacy group Sense, which posted on social media that it was “disappointing” to see the celebrity use the term in the first place.

Beyoncé’s decision to take the lyric out of her song follows Lizzo’s decision in June to take the same word out of the tune “GRRRLS” off of her fourth studio album Special.

“It has been pointed out to me that the term “GRRRLS” in my most recent song contains offensive language. Let me be clear about one thing: I never wish to encourage offensive language, “she said at the time in a statement. Because of the harmful remarks that have been directed at me as a fat Black woman in America, I am aware of the influence that words may have (intentionally or, as was the case with me, unwittingly).

“I’m happy to announce that GRRRLS has been updated with new lyrics. I listened and did something, and the end effect is this. I’m committed to being a part of the change I’ve been waiting to see in the world as an influential artist “Lizzo, 34, made a statement.


“Hold my bag, bitch, hold my bag / Do you see this s—? were part of the original lyrics for the song “GRRRLS.” I am an SP-Z.”

Beyoncé confirms that her long-awaited seventh studio album Renaissance is a three-part project in a related video.

At the stroke of midnight on Friday morning, Beyoncé’s seventh studio album Renaissance was formally published.

The dance-heavy album also includes “Break My Soul,” the lead single from the previous album, “I’m That Girl,” “Cozy,” “Alien Superstar,” “Cuff It,” “Energy,” featuring BEAM, “Church Girl,” “Plastic Off the Sofa,” “Virgo’s Groove,” and “Move,” featuring Grace Jones and Tems. In addition to “Heated,” the album also includes 15 other songs. “Pure/Honey,” “America Has a Problem,” “All Up in Your Mind,” “Thique,” and “Summer Renaissance.”

Beyoncé said Renaissance is the first in a “three-act project” in a message she posted prior to its release.

She penned: “During the epidemic, this three-act piece was recorded over the course of three years. a moment to be motionless, but also, in my experience, the most imaginative. In a dangerous time for the globe, making this record gave me a space to escape and dream.”

Purchase and streaming options for Renaissance are currently available.

Why is Beyoncé so popular?

Why is Beyonce well-known? As the lead singer of the R&B group Destiny’s Child in the late 1990s, Beyoncé rose to popularity. She later established a tremendously successful solo career. Her hit solo albums included Dangerously in Love (2003), B’Day (2006), I Am… Beyoncé (2013), 4 (2011), Sasha Fierce (2008), and Lemonade (2016).

Why does Beyoncé have so many writers?

Leaving aside the obvious legal requirements, it demonstrates that Beyoncé isn’t hesitant to draw inspiration from a variety of sources and to collaborate with artists from different genres, arguing that the more creative inspirations used while creating an album, the better the final product would be.

Where does Beyoncé get her money from?

Beyoncé also earns money via concert tours, modelling assignments for fashion magazines, and public appearances. Beyoncé’s company, Parkwood Entertainment, produces music, movies, and clothing. Parkwood Entertainment is the company behind, among other things, the movies “Cadillac Records” and “Obsessed”.

Which artist wrote the most songs?

The record for most songs ever written, with well over 1000, belongs to Steve Allen. The Guinness Book of World Records lists him. More than 1,500 songs, including the music for 20 Broadway productions, were penned by Irving Berlin.

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Kenan Thompson on Saturday Night Live



Kenan Thompson

Many have been speculating about how long NBC will opt to continue airing Saturday Night Live as it enters its 48th season, particularly as its creator and showrunner Lorne Michaels, 77, continues to live past his retirement age.

On Charlamagne tha God’s “Hell of a Week” podcast, cast member Kenan Thompson suggested that when Saturday Night Live celebrates its 50th anniversary in the 2024–2025 season, it could be a good idea to end the show. The discussion was sparked by rumours that Michaels might decide to stop producing the show at this point.

According to rumours, the programme will stop after its 50th season because Mr. Lorne Michaels won’t continue hosting it after turning 80. Is that accurate? Charlamagne enquired about Thompson.

That’s the rumour, right? Thomas retorted. “Okay, I should get planning now.”

With the exception of a five-year stint in the middle of the 1980s, Michaels has been the showrunner of SNL from its start.

Given that 50 is a nice place to stop, Thompson added, “That rumour may have a lot of merit.” “Wow, what a fantastic gift. He is the one who has had the most impact on everything, and he will likely be close to 80 years old by that time.

Therefore, if someone were to try to walk in his shoes, you know, it’s a wonderful chance for NBC to save money as well, you get what I’m saying? If [NBC] cuts the budget, you won’t be able to produce the same kind of show. Therefore, it’s unfair to witness it essentially burn to the ground due of those limits. It might not be a bad idea to cap it at 50, he suggested.

Thompson continued, “[Michaels] is such a legend that he keeps off those corporate wolves, if you will. “They spend a lot of money each week on that show. Although pricey, the performance is unique.

Kenan Thompson Net Worth

He presently portrays the character of Kenan Williams in the sitcom Kenan. He was the first cast member to be born after the 1975 debut of SNL. The 43-year-net old’s worth is projected to be close to $13 million by

Michaels has mentioned that he might step down as showrunner in 2025, although he made no mention of NBC discontinuing the programme completely.

In December 2021, Michaels stated, “You know, I think I’m committed to continuing this programme until its 50th anniversary, which is in three years.” “I want to see that through, and I think that would be a great moment to depart. But … I don’t ever want the show to be subpar. I’m too invested in it. My life has been devoted to it. I’ll thus exert every effort to ensure that it continues.

Who is the longest serving SNL cast member?

Kenan Thompson currently holds the record for the longest run on the Saturday Night Live cast with 19 seasons under his belt. His work as a teenager on All That, Kenan & Kel, and D2: The Mighty Ducks may also be recalled by fans.

Is Kenan Thompson retiring from SNL?

He made it clear that he is not advocating for the show’s termination due to deteriorating quality, but is only recognising the fact that “SNL” creator and veteran showrunner Lorne Michaels cannot continue in his current position indefinitely.

Do SNL guests get paid?

Are SNL performers paid? In a word, yeah. We know this because Alec Baldwin revealed to The New York Times that he received $1,400 for his appearances with Donald Trump (via Deadline).

What is Pete Davidson’s salary?

Davidson can make up to $25,000 every episode as a cast member of “SNL,” which would bring his annual income to somewhere near $500,000 per year. His net worth, according to Celebrity Net Worth, is $8 million despite the fact that his “SNL” salary is increased by his film work and other entertainment-related efforts.

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Will Smith Chris Rock Academy Award Incident



Will Smith has spoken out about the ongoing issue following the assault he committed on Chris Rock at the 2019 Academy Awards, giving his most unfiltered opinions on the incident that has damaged his reputation. In a tearful YouTube video, Smith explained why he didn’t apologise to Rock after charging the stage and slapping the comedian for making a joke about his wife Jada Pinkett Smith’s short hair and soon before accepting the best actor award for his role in “King Richard.”

Following Will Smith’s slap on Chris Rock when the comedian was on stage presenting an award at the 94th Academy Awards, Hollywood and social media users were divided, with many siding with Rock, the alleged victim. The “In Living Color” actor, however, reportedly informed the crowd recently, “I’m not a victim,” in his most pointed comment to the March 2022 event yet.

The veteran comic addressed the now-famous “slap heard around the world” in multiple comedy events in the New York-New Jersey region, most notably at the PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, New Jersey, last weekend. The veteran comic is presently touring the nation with his friend Kevin Hart.

According to an unnamed insider who talked to US Magazine after the show, Rock allegedly said during the phone and smart device-free event, “Anyone who believes words hurt has never been hit in the face.” According to the eyewitness, Rock called the Academy Award winner “Suge Smith,” possibly in reference to the imprisoned former CEO of Death Row Records Suge Knight.

Will Smith Chris Rock Academy Award Incident

Later, the “Spiral” star said, “I’m not a victim,” in a comedy about people who are overly sensitive and play the victim. Yes, that hurt, motherf-cker, he continued. But the next day, I brushed that crap aside and reported for duty. I avoid going to the hospital when I have a paper cut.

One Twitter user responded to a post about Rock’s remarks by commenting, “Exactly, who gives a F if someone slaps you, get over it and go on,” indicating that many detractors wanted to move over the event that occurred five months ago. “@chrisrock took it like a boss,” they continued. Congrats, Chris.

He only stated that he has moved on and doesn’t care about the slap any longer. Another guy said, “Same thing the media and all of us should do.

The Oscar winner later apologized for his behaviour and resigned from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in the weeks following his yell at Rock to “keep my wife’s name out of your f-cking mouth.” He was also given a ten-year ban from participating in any live or recorded Oscars-related event.

Will Smith’s full apology to Chris Rock:

Will Smith Chris Rock Academy Award Incident

“At that time, I had lost my vision. Everything seems hazy. After contacting Chris, I received a reply saying that he wasn’t ready to speak. He will extend his hand when he is. I’ll tell you, Chris, that I’m sorry. I apologise for my behaviour, and I’m available whenever you want to discuss. I should say sorry to Chris’s mother. That was one of the things I simply wasn’t aware of until I watched an interview [she] conducted. My only thought at the time was how many people had been injured.

I want to apologise to Tony Rock as well as to Chris’s mother and the rest of Chris’s family. We got along really well. My man was Tony Rock. It’s likely beyond repair. I’ve spent the last three months repeating that incident in order to comprehend its intricacy and nuances. There is no part of me that believes that was the appropriate course of action to take at that particular time, but I won’t try to dissect everything right now. There is no part of me that believes that is the best response to feeling disrespected or insulted.

The Rock slap controversy was expected to be discussed in-depth in a sit-down interview with a prominent journalist like Oprah Winfrey, but Smith has chosen to speak to his followers directly on social media instead. Smith has kept a low profile despite leaving the Oscar-giving organisation, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, after the incident and offering professions of apology.

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Watch 123 Movies Sonic 2



123 Movies Sonic 2

Are you a big movie fan? In your spare time, do you enjoy watching movies? You need to checkout the 123 Movies if you answered “yes” to any of the following questions. It only takes a few clicks to stream a range of HD movies from this great website. So why are you still waiting?

On the 123 Movies, you may watch free movies including TV shows, web series, and more. Streaming free movies including 123 Movies Sonic 2 from 123 Movies 2022 is a simple process. In 123 Movies Watching a movie is the finest way to unwind in a hectic life.

This is the rationale behind why individuals enjoy watching various kinds of films, web series, and TV episodes on the weekends. This information from us will be very helpful to you if you enjoy watching movies. Considering that we’re going to inform the 123 Movies today.

We will discuss the pros and cons of 123 Movies, 123 Movies offers free access to premium features that are exclusive to its subscribers. You can now stream tens of thousands of HD movies and TV series with numerous subtitles. 123 Movies is 100% risk-free because there are no adverts or registration requirements. Your identity and device are completely protected on the website.

Please read this post in its entirety since there are some elements that are crucial for us to comprehend in-depth, without which we are prone to doing incorrectly. Today, we have provided a true and accurate analysis of 123 Movies about it.

We must first understand what 123 Movies is. Many people are confused by its name since it is so absurd, but those who do grasp it are very familiar with its meaning.

Friends 123 Movies is the name of a piracy website. Maybe you still don’t know what exactly is considered piracy. Let me start by saying that this is an illegal crime, and as a result, the movie business is very worried. After all, a new movie is never published in our culture; instead, it is only ever released in theatres or on the official website.

A number of elements illegally replicate recently released movies. There isn’t much information currently accessible on how they do their jobs, but you should be aware that once a movie is out, it can only be seen in theatres and on the official website with the producer’s permission.

Friends, the government has implemented numerous regulations to prevent film piracy in USA. The filmmakers have also strongly emphasized the significant financial loss brought on by this activity. It occurs.

But some people continue to do this, and they are occasionally sent behind bars, so USA hasn’t totally eliminated movie piracy.

123 Movies Sonic 2

Friends, this website contains a sizable collection of high-definition films in 360p, 480p, and 720p. Additionally, 123 Movies offers its viewers the ability to stream movies online. Because of this, 123 Movies is a Popular platform for streaming Movies content.

You can watch movies on this that are up to 300MB, 400MB, 500MB, 600MB, 700MB, 800MB, 900MB, 1GB, 2GB, and 3GB in size.

However, I would want to remind you that you should stay away from this website because it is illegal. Because if you are discovered downloading or watching a movie from one of these websites, you could also face serious penalty under US law.

How does 123 Movies work?

Friends, the question of how 123 Movies functions is a good one. To respond, let me to say that the website is handled by a team of individuals since managing a website like this requires more than one person. This Site Most Viewed content is 123 Movies Sonic 2. These lovely people use a variety of methods and other means to bring a movie to them after it has been released.

After doing so, they offer it for free on their website 123 Movies. This, my friends, when you consider how tough it must have been for the creators to create the movie and for such people to make it freely available, is utterly meaningless work. The money invested by the filmmakers in this situation is lost because there is no way for them to profit if the film they created is made freely available. because a movie costs Huge to produce.

Why is 123 Movies so popular among users?

If someone gives you something now, will you support them? That is the only issue! Friends, this type of website’s popularity is solely due to the availability of free movies. Everyone enjoys this website since these individuals offer films in a variety of quality levels, making it possible for them to choose the kind of movie they want.

Yes, there is reason to believe that this website is unlawful since it wrongfully distributes content for free without the creator’s consent; as a result, this website is unlawful and is also punishable under the law. Additionally, a specific regulation exists for this.

Is it safe to use 123 Movies?

Let me start by noting that you should not think about watching a movie from any such website because it is all illegal and viewing the movie for free is still permissible in the eyes of the law if the person giving it makes a mistake. One can also be in wrong.

We therefore urge you to avoid using any form of website, including 123 Movies. If you view a movie based on this, you could also face legal consequences.

Is 123 Movies legal or not? (Is 123 Movies legal?)

Due to the fact that Streaming from 123 Movies is free, guys probably prefer it. This website produces copies of numerous movies for its users in an act of piracy. Let us inform you that any movie may be downloaded and viewed covertly from this site. It is wrong to copy a movie since copying hurts the filmmakers and is in no way acceptable as legal.

123 Movies is an example of a website that offers many users the opportunity to Stream movies for free while also uploading them illegally. Let us inform you that using this website is against the law.

The No Electronic Theft Act of 1997 forbids the distribution of illegal copies of music CDs, movies, DVDs, and other copyrighted digital media, even when there is no financial gain at stake. The maximum period of 28 years that the legislation permitted for copyright protection has been continuously raised since 1790.

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