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Crossfit Games 2022 Overview

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Around the world, there are 15,000 Crossfit gyms, and 4 million people engage in this well-liked form of exercise.

The best 40 teams from all those gyms and athletes are invited to compete in the Crossfit Games, which will be held in Madison, Wisconsin, from August 3–7.

Charleston’s Team Rhapsody, which practises at the Rhapsody Fitness Crossfit gym on King Street, is one of the top 40 teams.

Nearly 500,000 people attempt to qualify, and there are 15,000 Crossfit affiliates worldwide, according to instructor Alan Shaw. “Our athletes are all tremendously skilled, and when they work together as a team, they truly shine,” said the coach.

Stephanie Rodriguez, Cristian Mathes, Tyler Watkins, and Jordan Lundin of Team Rhapsody will compete against teams and individuals from all over the world in the 16th Crossfit Games at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison.

Crossfit is a type of high intensity interval training that places an emphasis on building strength and conditioning through functional exercises like squatting, pulling, and pushing. Athletes can use equipment such as kettle bells, cycles, rowers, speed ropes, medicine balls, plyo boxes, and more at gyms, which are frequently referred to as “boxes.”

Additionally, each member is required to complete the “exercise of the day” on the same day.

Team Rhapsody’s members all arrived to Crossfit in unique ways.

For instance, Rodriguez, a 32-year-old marketing professional, grew tired of going to the gym.

She remarked, “I wanted to be challenged. “So I gave a class a go and became addicted. I’ve always been competitive, and it just kind of fills that need in your competitive life once you grow out of your sport.

Rodriguez has previously competed in the Crossfit Games, earning spots on teams from South Carolina and New York in 2018 and 2017, respectively.

Even though Crossfit workouts might be challenging, the Crossfit Games are more challenging, according to her.

It’s much more intense, she remarked. There is a distinction between Crossfit competition and daily Crossfit for wellness. The degree of extremeness is variable.

“You are testing your limits, pushing your body harder and pushing your mind harder.”

Another difficulty is that athletes cannot prepare for specific obstacles because they are unsure of the workouts they will be required to complete at the Games in advance.

One of the best aspects of the Games, according to Shaw, is that. “None of them are aware of the workouts themselves. The fact that Crossfit is always varied is sort of its beauty.

“And because you’re trying to cover all of your bases, that’s why the training is so intensive leading up to the Games. 30 minutes before your workout is due, you must plan it. It depends on how they react to those times when everything hits the fan.

For the members of Team Rhapsody, it’s an honour just to get the opportunity to compete against some of the best Crossfitters in the world.

It means a lot, said Lundin, a 28-year-old fitness instructor. “Each of us individually and as a team have given a lot up. We exercise three, four, or five hours a day and spend every weekend together.

Since I first saw the Crossfit Games on television, it has always been my desire to compete in them, so it means a lot that everything worked out and we were able to qualify this year.

What is in a CrossFit gym?

To do this, the workout may make use of many tools, such as kettle bells, rowers, bikes, medicine balls, speed ropes, rings, and plyo boxes. CrossFit and Orange Theory are similar in that both have a set “workout of the day” (WOD) that all participants must perform on the same day.

Is CrossFit better than gym?

You can lose weight through CrossFit more quickly than you can through a typical gym workout over the course of a set amount of time. This is due to the fact that a CrossFit workout aids in burning more calories than a conventional workout.

What is the difference between a CrossFit gym and a regular gym?

In a typical gym, you will typically perform “isolation motions” that each day concentrate on a different core body component. At CrossFit, we place a greater emphasis on realistic, functional compound movements that are usually performed at a high level of intensity.

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