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Dollywood will get a new rollercoaster in 2023

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Tennessee’s SEVIER COUNTY — Dollywood will soon get a brand-new rollercoaster!

On Friday morning, Dolly Parton and Dollywood President Eugene Naughton made an announcement about Big Bear Mountain at the theme park.


Big Bear Mountain, an addition to Wildwood Grove, represents the greatest single attraction investment in Dollywood’s history.

The most effective addition to date, according to Naughton, is Wildwood Grove. “The biggest tourist destination that Dolly has inspired us to fantasise about is Big Bear Mountain. It will undoubtedly be the ideal approach to continue our stories at Wildwood Grove.”

The largest and longest coaster at Dollywood will be Big Bear Mountain. A family-friendly adventure in search of “Big Bear” will be led by the coaster, which welcomes riders of practically all ages. The coaster’s 39-inch height limit will allow younger riders to experience some thrills.

On nearly 4,000 feet of track, the coaster travels around Wildwood Grove for about two minutes at up to 48 mph. Riders will pass through three launches, numerous airtime hills, fast bends, tunnels, and a pass below a waterfall.

As the only coaster at Dollywood with onboard audio to give “auditory thrills” to match the ride’s movements, the ride will also be a first of its kind there.

Big Bear Mountain is a thrilling rollercoaster that will genuinely change the game for us, according to Naughton. “Not only is it our biggest coaster ever, but it also has brand-new components, such on-board music. Big Bear Mountain significantly increases Wildwood Grove’s footprint and represents a significant advancement in the ongoing investment strategy Dolly and I unveiled in June 2021. She keeps me occupied. I’ll begin working on the upcoming projects she has lined up for me now that we have unveiled Big Bear Mountain!

Dolly made it clear that when the rollercoaster opens, she won’t be riding it.

Dolly responded, “I’m not going to get on that,” as the audience chuckled. “You all know I’m more than that. But when you get back, I’ll be delighted to hear all of your extravagant tall tales.”

Big Bear Mountain is a $25 million project that should be completed by the spring of 2023.

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