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Ex-NRL star Michael Lichaa nearly died when he punched a window after discovering his fiancée having an extramarital affair with a teammate

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An ex-rugby player Michael Lichaa who caught his fiancee having sex with one of his teammates smashed a window and almost bled to death.

Michael Lichaa

After his ex-fiancée Kara Childerhouse declined to testify against him, 29-year-old Michael Lichaa, a former hooker for the Sharks and Bulldogs, was exonerated on Friday, August 5. In court, the troubled athlete outlined how the tragedy compelled him to make restitution in his life and how he is now anticipating living “good days” in the future.

One morning after a party, Michael Lichaa awoke to find Adam Elliot being sexually assaulted by Childerhouse in his backyard. He had been drinking all afternoon and into the early hours at his home, and the court heard how he lost control and erupted into a rage while still under the influence. He apparently yelled a stream of expletives, stormed inside, and was followed by Elliot. He then allegedly punched the front door’s glass window and severely cut his arm while pulling it back from the frame.

Authorities were contacted by worried neighbours who claimed to have overheard a man yell, “I’m going to f***ing kill her.” After Childerhouse accused Michael Lichaa of hitting her, Lichaa was subsequently charged with domestic violence offences. The up-and-coming athlete’s mental state was devastated by the distressing experience. Michael Lichaa testified in court on Friday, “I couldn’t get the thought of my fiancee having oral sex with my closest friend out of my mind. His evidence was deemed “genuine and intelligent” by magistrate Melissa Humphreys after he explained how the horrific event caused him to seek counselling so that he could accept responsibility for his conduct.

On Thursday, August 4, when Childerhouse was scheduled to give testimony in Sutherland Local Court, the trial took an unexpected turn. Despite being subpoenaed and in the middle of giving her testimony, police were unable to get in touch with her. She then informed the court that she was pregnant and did not want to deal with the burden of reliving the experience, thus she no longer wished to participate in the proceedings. The prosecution was left without any evidence to provide in support of the assault charge when the magistrate decided to exclude all of the testimony she had provided up to that point.

On Thursday, Elliot acknowledged in court that he had been drinking for at least 12 hours before to the event. When questioned if Michael Lichaa had assaulted Childerhouse, he responded, “I disagree,” and went on to say that he had followed Lichaa inside in an effort to make amends with his former friend. Then Lichaa screamed, “What the f*** are you doing?” after which he exited onto his driveway and paced back and forth furiously.

Michael Lichaa’s attorney James Trevallion argued that the man’s alleged threat to kill Lichaa did not constitute an act of intimidation in response to the witness’s account that the guy was heard shouting, “I’m going to f***ing kill her.” When strolling up and down the street, it would be amazing if he wasn’t crying and screaming, passionate, and outraged about what had happened, Trevallion told the court on Friday. “Clearly it was a circumstance where there was a lot of emotion and feeling,” he added. Lichaa was found not guilty of one count of intimidation by Magistrate Humphries.

For the smashed glass window he struck during the confrontation, Michael Lichaa pleaded guilty to a lesser offence of damaging property. Lichaa slashed his arm, and the footage from the police bodycam obtained by NCA NewsWire revealed pools of blood in his home. After his son had lost 2.5 litres of blood, his father tearfully told the court that he worried for his son’s life. In the police video, one officer can be heard calling the scene a “bloodfest.” On Friday, Lichaa thanked his attorneys, his family, and his new fiancée in a statement to NewsWire outside of court. “I’m relieved that the truth has finally surfaced; I’ve always had a strong sense of it. But now that it’s all over, I just want to get on with my life and look forward to joyful times “said he.

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