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Golden State Warriors 2022

In order to win their first title of the decade, the Golden State Warriors were able to defeat the Boston Celtics in six games. Is it possible that Kevin Durant will scuttle this potential conflict?

Young team, the Celtics are predicted to have sustained success in this league. Is it unrealistic to think they’ll face off in the NBA Finals once more, especially with the Warriors appearing to be back in dynasty mode?

Not at all.

However, if Durant signs with the Celtics, the NBA’s power structure would tremble once more.

Durant has a history of inserting himself into storied rivalries. Most basketball fans may probably agree that the amazing rivalry brewing between Golden State and Cleveland was impacted by Durant joining the Warriors, even though the Dubs won’t likely complain about their championships in 2017 and 2018.

The possibility that Kevin Durant joins the Boston Celtics next season should worry the Golden State Warriors

A return of Brown along with a number of picks, depth players, and picks is the best deal you could possibly hope for the Brooklyn Nets.

It’s not known how serious these discussions have gotten, but it’s safe to say the Nets are pounding on their door with an offer they can’t refuse.

Let’s pretend Durant signs with the Celtics, shall we? The Warriors must consider what this means.

Well, winning consecutive championships would be considerably more difficult.

KD is one of just five players in the NBA who has the ability to carry a team to victory on his alone. If the wing combo of Durant and Jayson Tatum is still supported by the Celtics’ depth? Yikes.

Although I’d never be one to write the Warriors out, a rematch of the NBA Finals in 2022—this time with Durant on the opposing team—would not be the best-case scenario.

The Golden State Warriors will return with the same core that has led the team to four championships in eight years, but the team may possibly bring in a legendary player before the season even starts.

The Warriors are on track to field the most expensive bunch of players in NBA history in 2022–23 after accounting for an outrageous luxury tax, which irritates Joe Lacob so much that he was willing to pay $500,000 in fines last week simply to publicly complain about it, according to Zach Lowe of ESPN.

If the Dubs manage to extend both Jordan Poole and Andrew Wiggins within the upcoming year, as the organisation has stated it plans to try to do, before new contracts for Draymond Green and Klay Thompson become available in the not too distant future, their number might become even more exorbitant. Additionally, Steph Curry is beginning the first year of a new deal that will pay him more than $215 million over the course of the following four seasons.

Translation: Even after letting Nemanja Bjelica, Otto Porter Jr., and Gary Payton II leave in free agency, the Warriors can only make marginal improvements to their team this summer. In other words, the team needs to find players who can contribute to the team and fit into the roster while still being willing to sign low-paying contracts.

Golden State Warriors

Carmelo Anthony, a former Los Angeles Lakers forward and 10-time NBA All Star, is one such player still available on the free agent market who fortunately meets the bill on all points.

Warriors on Short List of Destinations For Carmelo Anthony

The Warriors are on the short list of teams that will be interested in giving Anthony a shot as he approaches his 20th season of professional basketball, according to sources within the NBA, including one general manager.

On Tuesday, July 26, the GM said to Deveney, “It would be a beautiful story if he could win a ring there to cap his career. He has space at Golden State. One of the major issues with adding him is that he can make shots and they can cover up his defence. He would accept the least. They might use another veteran on their team because they have a large number of young players, and they are all familiar with Carmelo thanks to Team USA. Although I doubt they would ever risk it with him, it does make logic.

According to Deveney’s reporting, Anthony’s options include signing a minimum contract with either the New York Knicks or Brooklyn Nets or returning to the Lakers’ roster for another season alongside LeBron James.

After trade negotiations for current superstar and former Golden State player Kevin Durant look to have ended permanently, Anthony, a previous superstar, now stands out as the monstrous name most likely to join the Warriors’ squad.

The Dubs did ask Brooklyn what it would take to finalise a contract. The Warriors were unwilling to give up their future for Durant, which would have included draught picks and young players like James Wiseman and Jonathan Kuminga, and the Nets’ asking price ultimately proved to be just too expensive.

During a recent interview at the ESPYs, Golden State general manager Bob Myers all but dismissed the idea of a trade.

Myers told Mark Medina, “I enjoy our squad and where it’s at. “I want to give the lads another opportunity to perform. It’s a solid crew. We’re fortunate. It’ll be fun to see.”

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