5 Golf Tips To Hit Longer Drives

Golf doesn’t have to be too complicated. Many coaches make the golf swing look more complicated than it actually is. If you look at the golf course, you know that they make taking long straight strokes look just as difficult as performing brain surgery.

Let me tell you, it doesn’t have to be that complicated. In fact, excessive complexity will only make it more difficult to play golf properly and take away the fun of golf.

Most golfers will run into some major problems that prevent them from playing golf really well. If you can eliminate these common mistakes, there’s no reason not to start shooting in the mid-80s. Yes, even if you only play it a few times a month it is possible.

Golf tip 1:
The most common mistake I see in amateur golfers is hitting the ball with a bent left wrist (right hand is right hand).

Unless you fail to hit, don’t hurt your left wrist before hitting the ball. You should always touch the golf ball with a flat left wrist and a bent right wrist.

It’s hard to tell if you’re swinging at full speed, so start practicing with quarter and half swing pitches, making sure to keep your left wrist straight when connected to the golf ball.

Golf tip 2:
Use your hips to control the swing, not your arms. Many amateur golfers believe that the arm is responsible for longer movements. This is completely wrong. The swing speed is from the start. The real speed comes from your hips and torso. Your arm is just behind.

Did you know that traveling professional golfers can swing twice as fast as regular golfers? This is how they toppled 300-yard drives per tee. If you want to play longer, the best secret is to focus on the spindle.

Using a pivot point to guide the swing also eliminates other annoying mistakes that can ruin your golf game.

Golf tip 3:
Most amateur golfers don’t use clubs when shooting because they overestimate their distance. When was the last time you shot the green up close (I’m not talking about those pesky skeleton shots)?

If you’re like most amateur golfers, you can hit the green more than you have the chance to hit the green. This is one of the easiest problems to fix. Just select the next club. If you’re considering using # 9 soldering iron, pick up # 8 soldering iron. This wave technique will result in more birdie putts, and we can all use more.

Golf tip 4:
Draw a line on the golf ball to help you line up the putter. This wave head is very simple and deserves a heavyweight in gold. Draw a line in the center of the ball and use the line to point to the point on the green where you want to aim.

This way you can read the break on the green, determine how far the cup is pointed to the left or right, and then align the aim mark on the ball with the goal line. You can do all of this while kneeling behind the ball instead of standing on the ball (this will eliminate visual errors).

Now that the ball is fully aligned with the goal, all you have to do is focus on the ball and the time of the swing and the goal is complete. You just have to line up the line on the putter with the line on the ball.

Golf tip 5:
Focus on one shot at a time. As we all know, golf is a mental game. Don’t let bad shots ruin your game. You cannot change the past, so leave it behind. Only focus on the lens you want to photograph and that lens.

I know a lot of golfers, and they all performed well until they had a chance. It’s downhill from there to there. I also know a lot of golfers, they have a good physique, but usually they knock out the better golfers because they don’t let the bad sound of the ball get into their heads.

Focus on one shot at a time and you will be more stable. Everyone performs poorly in every round, so get used to it. Professionals and low handicap players are the ones who leave free throws behind (and Gals).

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