Beginners Golf Tips to Lower Your Golf Score

When you are starting to learn the basics of golf games, here are some quick golf tips that cover the basics of golf swing, including ball position, backswing skills, and down swing golf. Practice these golf skills regularly and you will be ready to play your best golf!

Ball position golf tips

To hit a clear iron, you must hit the golf ball. To get a down stroke, the golf ball must be correctly positioned in relation to your stance. To hit a strong iron, place your body in a suitable position so that the golf ball:

1. Prepare some shorter irons in the center of your position, including 8, 9 irons and wedges
2. Play a golf ball from the center forward to hit a medium iron, including 5, 6 and 7 irons
3. Two golf fairway clubs from center forward, including 3 and 5 woods and hybrids
4. Three golf balls from the center forward for your driver

Golf skills in full swing


When performing a back swing, rotate the club, arms and body back as you transfer the weight to the right inner leg. If the wrist is close to hip height, hinge it up. At the top of the back swing, make sure your left arm is straight, most of the weight is on the inside of your right leg, and your right knee is bent. Your shoulders should be rotated 90 degrees at the top of the back swing, and your hips should be rotated 30 to 45 degrees.


When you start to fall, shift your weight to the left. Your hips, arms and shoulders will naturally follow this weight change and relax and move to the impact position. In the event of a collision, check that your head is behind the ball. After impact, continue to rotate the body so that the arms and bat extend toward the target after impact (release position).

To make sure the body is moving correctly throughout the golf swing, here are some quick golf tips that can be used to check the full position of the golf swing:

1. The belt buckle faces your target
2. The cue is wrapped around your shoulder and the head of the cue is facing the goal line.
3. 90% of the bodyweight is on the left leg
4. Put your right foot upright on your toes.

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