Do Different Golf Balls Make for Different Putting Results?

We’ve covered how different compression balls affect golf shots, but what’s the most appropriate ball to place? I’ve seen amateur golfers change their golf balls as they approach the green, as if the ball actually performs better for different strokes. Since the putter can hit the ball with very little force, it is actually not involved. But is there anything that makes certain golf balls easier to place?

Let’s quickly return to the theme of switching golf balls when playing the same hole.

This is against golf rules. Unless the ball is lost or cannot be recovered in any way, and these balls in themselves are fined, failure to play the same golf ball from start to finish will result in the loss of holes or two free throws in play. Medal game. In other words, the players must use the same ball so that they are at least comfortable with it around the green.

We heard from TV commentators that some of the balls on the putter’s surface were “warm”. If this is true, it could be an insignificant factor. Most studies on this topic seem to indicate that there is essentially no difference in how a standard golf ball breaks or maintains the lines. However, there is one factor that can have some meaning, and that is the factor called “feeling” which is difficult to define. Anyone who has played golf for a long time can tell you that what we are talking about is very important, especially in sprint competitions.

This is entirely due to the coating on the golf ball.

In general, a ball designed for long distances has a denser coating. And some people think the ball tends to jump or slip off the putter’s surface before it starts to roll. In addition, the sound will be different. Balls in short distance games usually have a soft “pop” when hit. While balls with harder surfaces at a distance “pierce” a high pitch. This does not mean that the actual performance will be different. But as we all know confidence is the most important factor in any golfer’s short game.

So the answer may be to use a ball that suits you better for a long time. And just adjust to the same ball around the green. However, if you continue to switch balls or practice balls that feel more comfortable on the green. You may never reach a comfortable level on balls with a denser surface.

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