What Golfers Can Do About Lower Back Pain

One of my patients, Norm, first came to me because of health problems, which affect not only his ability to enjoy leisure sports, but also his relationship with his wife. Norm’s waist problem limited his ability to play golf. You may ask, “I understand why this affects his ability to enjoy leisure sports, but why does it affect his relationship with his wife?” I am also amazed. Nome told me, “When I can’t play golf, I’ll be in the house all day driving my wife crazy!”

For the sake of Norm and for the sake of my wife, I have the motivation to relieve his back pain and get him playing golf again. I am a chiropractor and one of my specialties is treating low back pain in golfers. This article explains why many golfers suffer from low back pain and how to get relief.

A recent study published in the South African Journal of Physical Therapy in March 2018 found that nearly half of golfers have low back pain.

Studies have shown that among 271 recreational golfers, 45% suffer from mechanical low back pain and 23% suffer from joint disorders. Further analysis showed that nearly 96% of golfers with near joint dysfunction experience mechanical low back pain.

Mechanical low back pain only indicates movement and / or alignment problems. The joint is the pelvic joint located in the hip pocket area. There are joints on both sides of the pelvis. A dysfunction of the sa joint means that it is misaligned and / or cannot move correctly.

As a chiropractor, I am trained to assess a joint of golfers with low back pain. A simple physical exam can determine if one or two of the sa joints are misaligned or misaligned.

If so, the problem can be solved by chiropractic. Usually a series of “spinal adjustments” is performed on patients who are misaligned and / or a joint movement is incorrect to correct the cause of the problem. Once corrected, 90% of these back pain will be improved,
Most golfers can resume the sport.

Many professional golfers receive regular chiropractic treatments. I encourage recreational golfers limited by low back pain to explore chiropractic to adjust to their fitness level. If it’s good enough for professionals, then of course it’s good enough for the rest of us.

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