Forget About All The Golf Instruction You’ve Ever Had

There are too many golf coaches. There are over 200,000 golf lesson videos on a golf website. Too much information only makes it confusing. The VAGSE method is designed to provide you with a simple 5 step shooting procedure to keep you healthy. If you play once a week, your handicap will be reduced by 5 consecutive strokes per month.

Step 1. Visualize the lens.

Visualization gives you a positive impression before hitting. Most professional golfers visualize every shot before hitting the ball. Guy Wilson has coached Lydia Ko since first class (this is the youngest golfer ever to be 17 years old), teaching Lydia to visualize every shot. The visualization function takes the worry out of the swing motion and can help you relax and choose the right recording method. Before hitting the ball, start visualizing on the practice tee and chipping green. On the green, look for the path of every 6 yards or less putter roll in the cup. Look at the longer putter and bring it closer to the hole.

Step 2. Align each lens before standing.

The only place you can see the ball is to stand behind the ball. Focus on the target and then imagine a straight line from the target to the golf ball. Next, pick a point on the ground about three feet in front of your ball on the goal line. Then step aside and maintain a vertical position with the ball, and choose a position one meter in front of the ball. Pause, take a moment to get comfortable, then look up at the target. It may not appear to be arranged correctly, but this is only a physical issue as the side view and back view of the side of the line and the back of the ball are different. Trust your rear sight alignment.

Step 3. Grip. Keep your grip between 5 and 7.

Tiger Woods and others often say, “Holding a club is like holding an injured bird.” I can imagine what he meant, but what is the real feeling of an injured bird? This is a very simple grip test: hold your stance, keep the club vertical in front of you and perpendicular to the ground. If the club slips, the grip is too light. Hold it firmly so it doesn’t slip, then lower it and then hold it in front of you so you can achieve the correct seal. Usually on a scale of 1 to 10, the smallest range is 10 and your grip strength should be between 5 and 7. And don’t forget to relax. Lee Trevino once said, “The pressure is Nassau for $ 3, only $ 1 in your pocket.” Intense competition or overexertion can cause your muscles to tense. Try to pretend you’re on the exercise ball and just want to swing.

Step 4. Posture.

Hold your position and make sure your ball is in the correct position (i.e., the driver exits the left heel, from the center of stance to the left heel or the five iron above the heart). When you learn to play golf for the first time, your professional players should show you proper stance and teach you the correct batting stance for each club to get a normal shot. When you first visualize the lens, you have usually already made a decision in Step 1 of the VAGSE method. That is, you know the distance, you know which club to hit and you visualize the ball in the head. Let your subconscious mind take over. When you determine a position, you know your position is correct because you will be satisfied with it. If not, take a step back and make your thoughts clear. Think of the blue sky or positive thoughts. Don’t let negative thoughts bother you. Then resume alignment and posture. Follow the last step 5 of the VAGSE method, focus on the back of the golf ball and swing with ease.

Step 5. Swing easily.

Let the club do it. Logically, most golfers with a high handicap believe that the harder the shot, the farther the ball goes. However, trying to hit the ball hard will give you a feeling of swinging, rather than letting yourself fall behind the ball. Don’t try to force or beat your life, focus on controlling your swing and speed with ease. If you can control your swing to a relaxed swing with a relaxed pace, gradually increase the distance whether you like it or not. Don’t forget to believe in your abilities, as you’ve taken similar recordings before.

Final Tip: Before using the VAGSE method in full (Visualization-Allign-Grip-Strength-Stance-Easy), enter the exercise range and use the VAGSE method to hit at least one small bucket. Make sure to do this for the round, whether you like it or not. It will relax you.

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