How to Be an Imperfect Golfer

How to Be an Imperfect Golfer

Perfection may be the goal of many golfers. But acceptance of flaws allows you to perform at your best.

Everyone I walk around said they are pursuing the perfect golf swing. While some people are pursuing the ‘perfect round’ of golf. Have you noticed that there are different winning renditions for imperfect renditions? Amateurs and aspiring professionals do everything. They can to be “perfect,” but the truth is, champions performance is usually not perfect.

You just need to look back to the Masters. Or previous US Open championships or British Open. You will see the camera dance throughout the process. You see the putter missed, the putter falls off the fairway and the close-up shot enters the bunker and the water.

The same situation can be found in other sports. Baseball players have 3 out of 10 hits and are considered very successful. perfect? hardly. An average of three hundred hits is considered an achievement in baseball. A great pitcher cannot throw it perfectly. They missed the goal, gave up the homerun, ran to the opponent’s batter and still won the game!

You will find that all imperfect people and teams are filled with imperfections in their imperfections.

These people and teams have always been iconic figures in their respected field.

What’s the point of all this? The point is, winners will not win because they have achieved perfection. They become champions because they are more acceptable than others and work perfectly. Perfection is not the key to victory. Of course you strive for perfection, but it is tightly integrated with imperfect reality to give you the highest and most stable performance.

Here is some important information about “imperfections” and “perfections” that will help you accept imperfections more effectively:

Get real

Imperfection is more real than perfect. Champions don’t have to worry about “looking bad” because they focus on the task at hand. Their efforts and commitments will enable them to smoothly resolve the issue. Golfers didn’t shoot well, hockey players got knocked out, basketball players missed air shots. What they did next was to make them champions.

Decrease the pressure

By accepting your own imperfections, you can reduce the pressure of self-inductance. Now you are fulfilling your obligations to maximize your talents! (This means that sometimes you experience good things, bad things and ugliness!)

Allow your mistakes

Imperfection means that you can tolerate mistakes and mistakes. This does not mean that you like or expect them, but that you can tolerate them. If you tolerate them, you don’t waste energy making them angry and frustrated. Tolerating mistakes means admitting your mistakes and staying focused on the next moment that requires attention.

Practice and strive to be perfect, knowing that accepting imperfections is the key to “playing completely” without fear and reservation.

For your best golf!

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