The Indispensable Golf Putting Tip You Should Know

Obtaining the ideal putting tips is one of the most beneficial things that can happen to any golf enthusiast. That is why golf enthusiasts from all over the world make it a point to discover out-of-the-ordinary tips on how to potentially improve their skills and thus eventually excel in every game of golf they play.

Due to the fact that putting is one of the most difficult aspects of this sport, you will need to hit your target consistently. Avoid making the same mistake that most golfers make, which is focusing more on swing improvement than on putting practise. Ensure that you retain all of the putting tips and tricks contained in this article. In this manner, you will improve as a golfer in the future.


Ascertain that you have the appropriate reading materials so that you can be certain of obtaining the precise putting tips you require. Look for a step-by-step guide to help you overcome your handicap. This will undoubtedly increase your confidence in your putting performance. Bear in mind that mastering putting will require considerable effort in order to learn what you need to know.


To begin, never close your eyes to the fact that the wind is blowing. The majority of players are only concerned with the wind when there are long balls. They are unaware that a strong wind can still have a negative effect on your putting. Consider how small the ball must be to avoid being blown away by the wind, not to mention the extremely small hole into which you should spurt the ball.


Additionally, many golfers have a tendency to follow the ball’s movement with their heads and eyes. Naturally, if this is the case, your head will undoubtedly move as you make your putt, and you will also notice that your shoulders and entire bearing will shift simultaneously. As a result, you will lose control of your ball, which is why you must keep your head focused on the ball until it passes through the hole.


Another critical putting tip you should take away from this reading is to inspect the green from every angle possible. Examining the green from every angle will undoubtedly assist you in making better putts.


Finally, read more about putting tips to gain additional knowledge about proper putting setup, proper putting techniques, and possibly even professional putting styles that can help you improve your putting skills. Take in every tip you come across and immediately put it into practise. By doing so, you can be certain that you will emerge a stronger golfer with exceptional putting abilities.

Winter Golf Practice Tip – Improve Your Swing Consistency With This Off Season Tip For Duffers

Where I live, the weather is turning cold. How about your neighbourhood? Winter is approaching, which means significantly less golf and even less practise. Some people have even decided to store their clubs for the next few months.


That lengthy layoff is detrimental to your golf game. How do you handle all the issues that arise once you are able to rejoin the game in the spring? Do you spend a significant amount of time on the range? Perhaps you take a few lessons or, like the majority of duffers I know, you work them out during the early rounds?


Wouldn’t it be much better if we could use the off season to improve our golf game? How much better would your swing be if your skills improved rather than deteriorated during the winter?


This is the fifth instalment of a five-part series on winter practise tips. Today’s subject is in full swing.


In Full Force


Simply because you’re indoors does not mean you can’t work productively. Perhaps you’ve heard of “air” guitar? That is when someone raises their hands in the air as if they were playing an imaginary guitar. Similarly, you can accomplish the same thing by practising your swing without the club. Throughout the swing, your focus should be on proper sequencing, shoulder turn, and hand positions. Additionally, utilise the full-length mirror for this practise technique.


Additionally, a swing trainer, such as the Medicus, can be extremely beneficial in assisting you in grooving the proper swing if you have the space to safely use one.


Have you got a garage? I’ve been known to practise my full swing with a broom in the garage. Take a standard broom (I prefer those with a cushioned handle) and position it as if it were a golf club, with the wide end acting as the club face.


Swing the broom back and forth slowly, similar to how you would a golf club. At any point during the swing, you can check the swing plane, club face position, and shaft angle. Concentrate on maintaining balance throughout the swing. As you become accustomed to this new technique, you will be able to swing the broom more quickly.


This exercise increases your swing speed, and as we all know, increased swing speed equates to increased distance. Additionally, the longer broom will aid in improving your ability to control the club face, while the lower portion of the broom will provide resistance, strengthening your golf muscles.


Allow winter’s inactivity to rob you of your golf swing skills. Maintaining your skills with this tip will ensure that you have a better, more consistent swing when spring returns.

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