Tips for Beginners: Ball Position

The position of the ball is arguably one of the most important aspects of the game. This will subtly determine your progress in the game. Due to the wrong position of the ball, there will be many bad and unsuccessful hits. This is something we usually don’t realize. Choose the position of the ball based on your stance. This will give the best results. This is what we will learn in this article.

Starting position

You need to have some guidelines when you place the ball first. A very narrow area is suitable for this. This area is located between the left side of the left shoulder and the right side of the nose. This is more of an accuracy issue. Gradually, as you become an experienced golfer, this will become a matter of course for you.

Use the same location

This is an important trick, not many people will tell you. This is an effective way to keep distance under control. Whatever club you use in the game, make sure the ball stays in the same position. But how do you solve the club length problem? All you need to do is adjust the body position. By changing the posture width and the position of the static ball together, you have good control.

High stroke? Do not!

Keep this in mind. A common misconception is that vertical strokes help the ball fall in mid-air, affecting the distance from the father. You need a big process, it is a fact. But for this you have to hit the ball down to make the ball spin more. This is a very effective formula, keep this in mind!

Riding club

The drivers’ club is the tallest of them. How do you deal with it? This requires the game to be played in the front foot. This allows the ball to have a larger trajectory, allowing the ball to go farther, rather than just applying a down stroke. Sometimes, as the length of the club increases, it is recommended to move the ball half an inch.

Short iron

When handling short irons, make sure the ball is positioned so that it is aligned with the center of the measured stance. How does this help? This will get the ball higher in the air and hit at a steeper angle.

When playing golf you can come into contact with many different clubs. You can either keep the same ball position, you can continue to change your stance, or you can move the ball half an inch in any larger club.

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