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In all US markets, Xfinity will introduce new multi-gig speeds

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Comcast stated on Thursday that it is accelerating the internet speeds of its Xfinity cable broadband products, hoping to impact over 50 million homes and businesses by the end of 2025. The company plans to reach 34 locations in 2022. The company’s shift to DOCSIS 4.0 and 10G, which will take place during 2023, will be ushered in by these performance improvements, which will be handled over current cable connections.


Before you become too perplexed, 10G is unrelated to the 5G that we currently have on our phones. Multi-gigabit speeds can be achieved via current cable networks thanks to the 10G platform, which is connected to cable broadband providers.

What does all of that mean? The first multi-gigabit internet tier from a significant cable carrier, it entails a new 2Gbps speed option for Xfinity internet customers. (Note: The speedier, 6Gbps Gigabit Pro plan offered by Xfinity is a fiber-to-the-home product, not a cable.)

Second, it implies higher upload speeds for users of XFi Complete, Xfinity’s Wi-Fi 6E gateway with unlimited data, across all Xfinity subscriptions. Upload speeds are essential for videoconferencing (all the virtual meetings and family video calls), as well as for moving huge files, even if download speeds are often the more alluring figure (they’re what we use to stream all our favourite Netflix episodes, for example).

Xfinity Comparison Previous vs. New

PlanPrevious max speedsNew max speeds
Connect75Mbps download, 5Mbps upload75Mbps download, 75Mbps upload
Connect More200Mbps download, 5Mbps upload200Mbps download, 100Mbps upload
Fast300Mbps download, 10Mbps upload300Mbps download, 100Mbps upload
Superfast600Mbps download, 15Mbps upload600Mbps download, 100Mbps upload
Ultrafast900Mbps download, 20Mbps upload900Mbps download, 100Mbps upload
Gigabit Extra1,200Mbps download, 35Mbps upload1,200Mbps download, 200Mbps upload
Gigabit x2NA2,000Mbps download, 200Mbps upload

Augusta, Georgia, Colorado Springs, and Panama City Beach, Florida all offer the new speed tier and faster upload speeds.

There shouldn’t be any changes to the existing plan prices for Xfinity customers. As more markets are announced by Xfinity under the new plans, Wytray will keep you updated.

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