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Israeli strikes on Gaza kill 8, including senior militant

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Gaza’s health ministry reports that at least 10 Palestinians, including a toddler and a commander of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), have died as Israeli strikes on Gaza.

Israeli strikes on Gaza

After Israel detained a top PIJ member in the occupied West Bank, there were days of unrest.

The PIJ in Gaza had vowed to retaliate by targeting central Israel.

Israel would not allow “terrorist organisations to dictate the agenda,” according to Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid.

“Anyone attempting to damage Israel should be aware that we will find them. In order to eliminate the threat to Israel’s civilians, our security forces will take action against terrorists from Islamic Jihad “said he.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) claimed to be attacking PIJ-related websites. One of these was the tall Palestine Tower in Gaza City, which was damaged by a loud explosion and had smoke pouring out of it.

Since the attacks began, four PIJ militants, including the commander Tayseer Jabari, and a five-year-old girl have died, according to local health officials.

They claim that 55 more people suffered injuries.

According to a spokeswoman for the Israeli military, the IDF was “assum[ing] about 15” militants had been killed.

Ayelet Shaked, Israel’s interior minister, stated to Channel 12 News: “We have no idea how this will turn out. But it might take some timeā€¦ This might be a difficult and protracted cycle of conflict “According to the Times of Israel.

Ziyad al-Nakhala, secretary general of the PIJ, declared during a visit to Tehran, the capital of Iran, that “we will respond violently to this attack, and there will be a war in which our people will prevail.”

Tel Aviv will be hit by resistance rockets, and there are no red lines in this conflict.

Bassem Saadi, who is said to be the PIJ’s regional director in the West Bank, was detained by Israel on Monday night. As part of ongoing arrest operations following a spate of attacks by Israeli Arabs and Palestinians that left 17 Israelis and two Ukrainians dead, he was being held in the Jenin area. Two of the attackers were from the neighbourhood of Jenin.

Israel increased security measures for areas close to its border with Gaza after Bassem Saadi was apprehended, announcing that PIJ planned to assault residents and soldiers. Southern Israel’s towns and villages came to a complete standstill due to road closures.

One of the most powerful militant organisations in Gaza is PIJ, which is supported by Iran and has its headquarters in Damascus, Syria. It has been behind numerous assaults on Israel, including shootings and rocket fire.

After fighting broke out after Israel killed a PIJ commander who Israel claimed was preparing an impending attack, Israel and PIJ engaged in a five-day war in November 2019. 34 Palestinians lost their lives in the fighting, along with 111 others, and 63 Israelis required medical attention.

Israel said that 25 of the dead Palestinians were militants, including those hit as they were getting ready to fire rockets.

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