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John Legend: Kanye’s backing of Trump and bid for the White House “became too much” for friendship

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The Kanye West you see is “pretty much what you get,” according to John Legend. In a recent interview, the singer talked about Kanye West’s public antics and how his political aspirations and backing for Donald Trump put their close friendship to the test.

John Legend

The controversial artist Kanye West was the subject of a conversation between David Axelrod, Barack Obama’s former chief strategist and counsellor, and Legend on his podcast, The Axe Files. Legend said there isn’t much the general public doesn’t already know about West. Legend added, “He’s been extremely forthright with his ideas, his challenges, and all the things he’s dealing with… I believe he’s been very open with who he is and his struggles with mental health and he’s really real, honestly. He doesn’t seem to be a completely different guy in private as he is in public. You’re essentially seeing the real Kanye in public, in my opinion.

In light of this, it may not be unexpected that West and Legend had a significant falling out over West’s vocal support of Trump and his bid for the presidency in 2020, which was purportedly supported in part by Republican operatives who were supposedly trying to steal votes from Joe Biden.

We aren’t as close as we once were because, in all honesty, Legend claimed, “we publicly disagreed on his candidacy for government and his backing of Trump.” “Honestly, I think it got to be too much for us to keep our friendship going. For understandable reasons, he was furious that I didn’t support his bid for the presidency of the United States of America. I wasn’t alone in that, but he wasn’t thrilled about it, and ever since then, we haven’t been very close.

Legend discussed his opinion of West’s involvement in politics during a 2020 interview with the Rolling Stone Music Now podcast. Legend claimed that because they didn’t talk much about politics when they were growing up together, he never really had a good sense of what West genuinely believed, even though some of West’s earlier work was influenced by the conscious rap of the 1990s and early 2000s.

Legend remarked, “I haven’t had access to his private reflections on his political development. Of course, I have access to the same declarations, texts, and tweets that the rest of the world does. And everyone saw us texting and discussing it, but I simply don’t know where he stands on politics, and I didn’t know when we were close.

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