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Kevin Durant Responds Hilariously To Fan Who Can’t Catch A Break

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Despite being earning $200 million, Kevin Durant frequently engages in social media back and forth with the ‘daily average Joe.’ Twitter has become his favourite social networking programme, and Kevin Durant never seems to tyre of reacting to NBA fans who poke fun at him.

Kevin Durant

When it comes to being petty on the internet, Kevin Durant has no trouble. Everyone knows that Kevin Durant enjoys engaging with both his fans and his detractors online, though he probably engages with the detractors more than the supporters. Kevin Durant has converted to clapping back on his primary account after getting busted with a burner account five years ago, and it has surely provided fans with some fantastic amusement over the last few years.

More recently, KD got into a minor spat with a random fan who believed his troubles from this morning were worthy of venting to KD. The fan stated, as seen in the tweet below: “The car wouldn’t start this morning, I arrived late to work, and our internet was down. Lol. This is awesome. Unlike @KDTrey5, I truly prefer taking the most difficult path…simply it’s problem-solving practise.”

“Car wouldn’t start this morning, got to work late, and our internet is down,” one Twitter user with the handle’michaelpatron0′ said. Lol. Unlike KD, I prefer taking the most difficult path. It’s essentially problem-solving practise.”

The message was needless and felt like a spoof of those “told my landlord to hike my rent so I can get my grind on” posts. KD evidently felt the same way, as he responded to the fan on Twitter, stating, “U enjoy having a sh*t car and getting to work and not being able to connect to the internet?”

This argument is reminiscent of when LeBron James, while on the Miami Heat, essentially declared every single one of his trolls “broken,” telling them that no matter how many obscenities they hurled at him, they had to go back to living their mediocre lives.

Given how ludicrous the basis of the hater’s tweet was, it was a rather good reaction. If your car won’t start and your internet isn’t working, Kevin Durant should be the last person on your mind.

In any case, this is Twitter, so don’t expect anyone to behave rationally.

‘michaelpatron0,’ the initial tweeter, has subsequently been responding to fans all morning, claiming that he was only making a joke about how KD pretends to take the harder way but doesn’t.

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