Does The Law Of Attraction Work? Find Out Today!

The law of attraction is a difficult problem for many people, especially those obsessed with scientific reasoning and logic. After all, this is rationally pointless and there is no scientific evidence that it should. It just works… but how do you explain it?

Indeed, there is no scientific evidence for the law of attraction. Many people have told stories about how it worked for them, but none of the researchers have found any scientific evidence.

Science has proven that we and everything else in the universe are constantly changing energy patterns, not solid matter. It also shows that everything in the universe is interconnected. These are the basic concepts that form the basis of the Law of Attraction, but they do not prove its existence.

The question skeptics ask again and again is, “If the law of attraction works, why doesn’t everyone always get everything they want?”

This is a good question and the start of a wonderful debate. There are four reasons why we can’t get what we want:

We don’t know how to ask
We don’t know what we want
We put on the wrong thing
We stop good things
We don’t know how to ask
Most people don’t realize that need and despair won’t let us get the life we ​​want. This is not as simple as “Hello Universe, please give me money”. In fact, you must be in a state of mind that is not attached to results.

This is a concept that is difficult for people to understand. After all, if you want it, you want it. They saw no other way of wanting it. One way is to obsess over desire and worry about the outcome. The other is open and accepting, even if you want today or tomorrow…not next week either.

Does the law of attraction work? Yes, it does, if you’re sure it works. Unfortunately, it’s hard to stay open all the time. This requires patience and practice, and most of us are not willing to put in the necessary effort.

We don’t know what we want

Science can only control what can be tested. What about the law of attraction? If we test, will it work?

Let’s say you randomly decide you want a new hat. You ask the universe for it and then wait. The hat never appeared and the experiment failed. The law of attraction does not exist.

According to scientific thinking, this is a sound experiment. The only problem is that this universal law can only work if you have an honest and open heart. It only gives you what you want, nothing more.

Many of us have false desires. We think we want money, but we don’t realize that green things are often the cause of our pain. Maybe we really want security, but we don’t know ourselves deep enough to see it.

When your conscious mind wants one thing, your subconscious mind may want something else. Guess which of the two is more powerful? For the law of attraction to work, we must know ourselves and be completely honest. We need to know what we really want.

We put on the wrong thing

Most of us use the law unconsciously every day. It sure works! When you wake up in the morning, you think about how stressful your job is. Then you go to work, what do you think? very nervous!

You focus on how bankrupt you are and use money to curse your downfall and bring you more. Steeped in self-pity, you realize that you will never find the perfect romantic partner. This completes the transaction – not you!

Whether you believe in the law of attraction or not, everyone knows what a “self-fulfilling prophecy” is. They didn’t realize that this is a universal law and that people can use it to do good instead of bad.

When we focus on negative thoughts, bad things happen. If we focus on positive things, we only get good things. This is very simple, if you look at your daily life you will see countless examples. This is the law of attraction at work.

We stop good things

What if you really want something but it never comes? So does the law of attraction work? Of course you can, but you might destroy yourself again.

You can create blocks that prevent you from getting what you really want. We often do this in affluent areas. Wanting too much money and being too enthusiastic about it actually prevents the Law of Attraction from working. This over-enthusiasm expresses a deep-seated belief that you won’t get it. This is the source of all nervousness: believing that you can’t, can’t or shouldn’t have what you want.

Often the law of attraction should work, but not because something is blocking it. Some internal searches are required to find and practice these blocks.

After all, it doesn’t matter what others believe.

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