Is The Law Of Attraction The Only Real Law ?

As explained in the documentary “The Secret”, the law of attraction is a law that governs the universe. Once you apply it and put it into practice, it will bring everything you want into your life. In fact, this law is so powerful that it has created miracles for some people, but the question remains, is the law of attraction a true universal law or is it just a metaphor to explain more basic principles?

If you’ve seen the documentary “The Secret,” there’s a man called the wonderman who got into a plane crash and not only survived, but after months of treatment, he was desperate at his feet, walked out of the hospital. As the wonderman explained, he was able to heal himself by applying this secret, and by applying this power, he was able to walk out of the hospital even if his spine was injured. So when you see a story like that, you think the law of attraction is a real law, a law that allows ordinary people like you and me to realize the incredible law.

However, if you delve into the research of universal laws through the ages, you will find that there are many laws that govern us. In fact, there are eleven universal laws, and these laws always exist whether you like it or not. Be proactive and always respond to your feelings and thoughts. However, in analyzing these laws you did not find the so-called law of attraction. In fact, this is not the real law of the universe, but just an explanation. How to attract everything you want in life through another law, a truly universal law, namely the law of vibration or the law of frequency, is just one of the eleven laws.

The use of this metaphor in the documentary “The Secret” led many people to believe that the law of attraction is one of the universal laws. If you apply it correctly, it can change your life, but unfortunately this is not the case. You have to understand that if you really want this general law to work for you, there are more things to be revealed. Misunderstanding this law prevents people from applying it. When you understand the true meaning of the law of attraction, the law of vibration, and combine it with other equally important cosmic laws, you will be able to reconcile it with the Secret Description in the work.

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