The Law of Attraction Explained – Defining Thoughts

Before you explain the law of attraction, be prepared to change the way you use your thinking. Put aside everything you think you know about the universe, how it works, and the nature of life. Go beyond the limits of your childhood imagination and belief system. Suppose you are about to discover such a great and powerful secret, then it will change your identity forever. Because there’s no doubt that it’s going much faster than you think!

The law of attraction is as follows, like attracting each other. When explaining the law of attraction to you, it is important to remember that it is a universal and powerful law that governs everything in the universe. What you give, what you get, you can give. This is the way of the universe, this is its purpose. You cannot create anything without first giving thoughts and feelings regarding the completed creation. The idea was born in your head. Thoughts generate emotions, which leads to more thoughts and so on. Positive attracts positive, negative attracts negative.

The process of human maturity does not stop, but grows. Our bodies can grow into a mature form, but our minds must also mature to reach its full potential. Our greatest responsibility is to master our thoughts and feelings. However, like an older child who insists on their toddler beliefs and value system, many of us choose to be ignorant to accomplish this task. This is because it takes hard work, discipline, dedication and faith. These “growing pains” are easy to avoid if everyone around you seems to be doing the same thing. The law of attraction interpreted as an outside force is incorrect. Everything starts and ends in your head, without it there would be none.

It is not enough to explain the law of attraction to us. Before our eyes can adapt to this wisdom, a measure of honesty, perseverance, courage and understanding is required. We live in an age where we can no longer choose an easy way out. We all need to explain the law of attraction to us, but more importantly, we all need mature beliefs and thinking habits. As a species, our technology and our global environment have put enough pressure on us, we have to grow up spiritually, otherwise we will face consequences. It is time for all of us to recognize and accept the depth and magnitude of our available power. Not just to change our own lives, but to reshape the world in the way we see fit and beyond our wildest dreams.

Our brain is a supercomputer. Much more powerful and complex than any mechanical equipment on this planet. It can cause real miracles and can be used to create and experience anything. The brain uses an operating system called the subconscious mind. We, users, operate this computer primarily through a conscious interface. The subconscious mind controls all our involuntary physical tasks. From the moment of the heartbeat to the release of enzymes into the blood, to 100,000 other extremely important tasks. In addition, the subconscious has another task, achievement.

Everything in the universe can be broken down into smaller and smaller pieces. If you break something down far enough, you get energy. So everything is energy! We live and breathe in a body made of pure energy, and we are surrounded by it. Vibration, frequency, synchronization, coordination, this is our world, it is interconnected. The universe is essentially a huge pool of energy and vibrations. What matters now is that everyone’s brain has access to the vast storage power of the entire universe! The subconscious mind is our connection to this infinite power of energy and draws from it every image we project into our mind.

Our unconscious spiritual responsibility is simply to create and obey what the user (you) shows. It does this by interpreting your feelings as commands. The subconscious will not distinguish between truth and belief, it will respond to any command you give it! If you believe you will fail, you will fail. If you think you don’t have enough money, you don’t. Those limiting beliefs are what you command the subconscious mind to attract from the universe. It always fully meets your needs! The problem is that when we grow up, we can’t use the right commands to attract what we want most. Fear, doubt, and worry are often used to attract the exact opposite. Young people’s newly discovered “responsibility” automatically leads them to bad psychological habits of disappointment, failure, and frustration.

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