Top 5 Forgotten Laws of Attraction

The Laws of Attraction are for those who know about them and available to be used by anyone who thinks they will benefit from them. Regardless of whether or not these universal laws of the universe are used, however, they are ready and waiting for the discerning person to incorporate them into their lives. However, there are some laws that seem to be forgotten – or at least less incorporated into people’s lives than others.

1. The unconscious law of attraction Total and absolute self-confidence is the result of incorporating the unconscious laws into your life. Those people have probably never heard of anything like the Law of Attraction or the Universal Laws, but nevertheless they still expect (and get) unconditional success and respect from everyone who falls within their aura. This includes the principle of magnetism.

2. The Conscious Law of Attraction These people have read all about the general universal laws and have done their best to incorporate the law of attraction into their lives. They have driven all the negative out of their lives and have tried to replace these negative reactions with positive beliefs only. These people are consciously trying to make use of these laws. This includes the principle of manifestation.

3. The Principle of Pure Desire No doubt, no despair, no fear: these are all negative connotations that hinder letting go of the Law of Attraction. If your intentions are honest and pure, you can be sure that you will attract all the benevolence available with the Law of Attraction.

4. The principle of paradoxical intentions This happens when negative vibes are sent out, even with the best of intentions. For example, if you are desperate, this negative connotation will adversely affect your environment and cause all the goodness of the Law of Attraction to be further driven out. Thoughts are energy emitted on different wavelengths: despair is recognized as negative and expels all people who may have been in a position to help you. A good saying to remember is “Laugh and the world laughs with you; cry and you cry alone”.

5. The principle of increasing influence Personal energy is much more powerful than many people seem to think. Stand next to someone who is showing negative feelings for too long and it won’t be long before you too start to feel down.

Those individuals who spread positive, happy auras around them are those popular people that other people swarm around – just to feel some sunbeams being given off by that person. Some people have to work extremely hard to overcome a natural restraint in their personality, but when you are in a position to release powerful personal energy that is so positive that it draws people to you, you will find that the world around you is affected – just like a pebble falling into a pond, the ripples will stretch in ever larger circles and affect everything they touch.

If you remember them, I really hope they will help you become a better and more successful person!

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