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Liga MX: Atlas vs. Queretaro Overview 2022

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The top teams are taking their spots as the Liga MX Apertura season enters its seventh week, while the lesser teams are still fighting for scraps. In this case, there are two teams: Atlas vs. Queretaro. Since the beginning of the season, they have performed poorly, and the disparity between their Liga MX figures is insufficient.

Atlas vs. Queretaro

Stats for Liga MX

If the teams didn’t get their act together, their season wouldn’t go as planned because they haven’t been as convincing as they would like to be.

The only difference between the two teams, which is not by much, is that one has won its last six games while the other has yet to do so this year.

With two failing clubs coming head-to-head, we think it would be an incredible clash. In this tie, both teams would have a lot to do, and the winning team would receive the three points.

So let’s look at this matchup to see how both sides would build up their teams and provide our professional game predictions.

Odds for Atlas vs. Queretaro

The odds favour Atlas in the contest with Queretaro. This season, neither team has been convincing. They have both performed dreadfully thus far, but Queretaro has performed worse, which is why they are currently in last place in the Liga MX standings.

The squad has been unable to score any points; if they continue on this direction, they may drop to a lower tier.

According to their recent performance and statistics, Queretaro is the underdog in this matchup, which is not surprising given that they are the visiting squad. To win this game, the squad would need to perform better.

Matchup Odds

They have only won 10% of the games they have played with odds of +360, which means their predicted chance of winning is only roughly 22%.

On the other hand, after last season’s success, Atlas had great expectations for this one. But their performance thus far has been below par. They do, however, have a chance to succeed in this game.

They have -143 odds and a 59 percent chance of losing, on average. When given these odds, they have won 57 percent of games.

These Liga MX odds make it obvious that Atlas is the favourite to win. However, a draw, which has +300 odds, cannot be discounted.

Atlas vs. Queretaro Matchup Information

Competition: Liga MX: Atlas vs. Queretaro
Location of the game: Estadio Jalisco, Guadalajara
Time: Wednesday, 4th of Aug, 2022, 22:00 EDT
How to watch: Online streaming services

Atlas Evaluation

Last season, Atlas was among the league’s top clubs. In the end, they even took home the Liga MX Apertura trophy.

They weren’t particularly remarkable at the beginning of the season, though. After losing to Cruz Azul in the Supercopa match, the team’s form has been lacking.

Their opening match was against Club America, which resulted in a draw. They then played Toluca, which they lost to, before playing Cruz Azul once more.

However, they succeeded this time, effectively exacting revenge. However, that was it. They have played three games and collected no points since that match against Cruz Azul.

One goal was scored

They have only scored one goal in their last three games, which demonstrates how weak their offensive has been. The most recent game demonstrates the team’s difficulty keeping leads in games.

They performed well in the first half, but then lost focus for a brief period, which led to them losing the game.

The group has six goals and ten goals against in its six games. In terms of their aims, things do not seem good.

Ball Possession

They’ve averaged 322 passes a game and a ball possession percentage of about 51.3%. When it comes to scoring goals and also when it comes to defending, their difficulty is not in the midfield but rather on the attack.

A 7 percent conversion rate is much too low for any squad that wants to compete with the greatest teams, therefore Diego Martin Cocca must undoubtedly find a method to get his team to defend better and take chances.

Analysis of Queretaro

This season, Queretaro has performed worse than Atlas. We had high expectations for the team entering the new season after they finished the previous one with a convincing victory over FC Juarez. But thus far, it has been underwhelming.

Despite how alluring the soccer odds are. In their six games, the team has only had two draws. Prior to obtaining a 1-1 draw versus Juarez, they dropped their first two games.

Then, in a disappointing game against Monterrey, they lost despite being outmatched and outplayed from the opening tip to the final buzzer. They then earned a tie before ultimately losing to Tigres UANL.

Scored goals

The team has attempted to score goals, but it hasn’t been successful. They have only scored five goals in six games, which equals 0.8 goals per game, or less than one goal per game.

And given their configuration, things might grow worse. Additionally, they have scored two penalties out of their five goals.

They are not very good at attacking, that much is clear. Sadly, their defence is also doing little to help.

Ball Possession

Since the season’s beginning, the squad has given up 12 goals, or two goals per game. They barely even have control over games; they only have the ball for 44.7 percent of the time while completing 254 passes with a 76.2 percent accuracy rate.

The team needs to adopt a new strategy if they are to do anything this year. Mauro Gerk needs to strengthen his offensive and defensive strategy. However, we may have to acknowledge that they lack the personnel to handle complex planning.

The seasons in Atlas and Queretaro are not proceeding as expected. Both teams would have preferred to finish in the top 12, but given their current performances and data, it is difficult to predict whether they will succeed.

A victory would, however, alter the direction of the season for any team. So, winning this game would be a goal for both teams.

In that case, we’re looking forward to the game and, based on their head-to-head history, statistics, and recent results, we predict Atlas to win by a score of 2-0.

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