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Mike Tyson claims Hulu “Stole” his story for a television series.

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In a Saturday Twitter message, boxing icon Mike Tyson expressed his persistent opposition to Hulu’s choice to proceed with a documentary series about his life.

Mike tyson on hulu

On Thursday, Mike Tyson gave an interview to ET’s Philiana Ng, following Steven Rogers’ declaration that the boxer couldn’t work on the movie due to rights concerns:

“That is an outright untruth. Years ago, my choice on life rights expired. No one from Hulu or their arrogant staff ever attempted to negotiate with this Black man. They still see me as nothing more than an n****r on the auction board, ready to be bought and sold for their own gain, regardless of my value or the welfare of my family.

“They claim that this story explores a Black man. It resembles the exploitation of a Black man more. It is disgusting that Hulu believes that recruiting Black sacrificial lambs to serve as frontmen for their backdoor robbery will mask their traces. I’ll never forget how blatantly my dignity was treated.

The “MIKE” television series, starring Trevante Rhodes as Mike Tyson, was set to premiere on Hulu on August 25 as it was announced in June. The eight-episode programme “explores the tumultuous ups and downs of Tyson’s boxing career and personal life—from being a popular global athlete to a pariah and back again,” according to the statement.

According to ET, Rogers and her co-executive producer Karin Gist stated they intended to present Mike Tyson’s narrative from many different angles.

As a writer and storyteller, Rogers stated, “I don’t really like to be dependent on just one source.” “I really enjoy conducting the research, gathering all of the many viewpoints, and then crafting a narrative around it. I dislike being dependent on a single individual.

“We really wanted to make sure we were as comprehensive as possible in the research and the dramatisation of the events of his life, and we could make sure we were opening the doors to additional dialogues to be conducted around those things as well,” Gist continued.

A different biopic titled “Tyson” with Jamie Foxx in the titular role was also being sold to networks as a short-form TV series in March 2021. According to Deadline’s Peter White, Mike Tyson was supposed to act as the project’s executive director.

Tyson, meantime, was described by Rhodes as someone who represented “particular Black guys who give us an insight of the Black male experience, and even more specifically the exceptional Black man experience” by Rick Porter of the Hollywood Reporter.

It’s my moment, he declared, not as Trevante but as this incarnation of a Black guy.

Mike Tyson was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame for being one of the sport’s most dominant heavyweight champions.

The documentary’s main focus will undoubtedly be on his life outside of the ring. Most notably, Tyson received a 10-year prison term in 1992 for rape. The judge suspended four years of the sentence, and he was freed after serving three of the remaining six years.

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