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Prosecutor in Chicago slams Kim Foxx in resignation letter, saying she can’t hold a position “I don’t respect.”

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This Monday, a top prosecutor in Cook County announced his resignation, stating that he “can’t continue to work for an administration I don’t respect.”

Jim Murphy, an assistant state’s attorney for Cook County, resigned on Friday after 25 years of service, citing his inability to continue working for Kim Foxx, who he claimed was “more concerned with political narratives and agendas than with victims and prosecuting violent crime,” and who’s “that is why I can’t stay any longer.”

In his office-wide resignation letter, which CWB Chicago was able to get, he stated, “I wish I could continue.” But I’m unable to continue working for this Administration. I have absolutely no faith in management.

He discussed a recent example in which Foxx summoned him to a meeting to examine bond hearings he had participated in, including one involving a “huge shootout” in which a woman who was crossing the street to enter a store was tragically shot after getting caught in the crossfire.

Kim Foxx

According to the letter, Foxx was upset during the discussion about a newspaper headline that said a suspect would not be charged with murder because of the “Safe-T Act,” which demands that prosecutors reach a higher standard of proof before holding suspects until trial.

That is the issue with this administration, in my opinion. Day after day, I’ve seen,” remarked Murphy. How many mass shootings must occur before action is taken?

The Safe-T Act, Foxx’s hasty elimination of cash bail while ignoring his objections, and “dangerously” low staffing levels in all sections and bureaus of Foxx’s office, including one or two-person courtrooms, were among the reasons given by Murphy for his retirement.

“Those courtrooms and departments would be fully staffed if this government were actually interested with efficiently combating violent crime,” he wrote. The rest of us, meantime, are overworked, overstressed, and lacking in resources. However, at least we could wear jeans in July.

The retirement was announced a few weeks after Foxx, according to the Chicago Tribune, claimed that 235 individuals, including lawyers, had left her office since July of last year. 130 employees left their jobs the year before the epidemic, in contrast.

From January 2020 to June 2022, around one-third of the assistant state’s attorney (ASA) positions were open and filled, the report states. In that time, the office hired 280 lawyers, although the number of employees is still below pre-pandemic levels.

The report cited a number of causes for the high turnover, including resentment over the Jussie Smollett hate-crime hoax case, a lack of support from the downtown executive-level staff during Covid, and how leadership handled the public outcry over a bond proposal connected to the police shooting of 13-year-old Adam Toledo last year. In April 2021, Murphy was placed on leave after testifying in court that Toledo was in possession of a firearm when the cop opened fire. Toledo dropped a revolver and raised his hands just before Police Officer Eric Stillman shot him, according to bodycam video.

Morale was severely damaged by Natosha Toller’s resignation as chief of the Criminal Prosecutions Bureau.

One prosecutor told the newspaper, “There’s twice as much work with no aid since we’re so short on attorneys. And you’re actually putting folks in a bad situation. Anything can backfire on you. The demands are too great to handle.

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