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Prosecutor in Chicago slams Kim Foxx in resignation letter, saying she can’t hold a position “I don’t respect.”



Prosecutor in Chicago slams Kim Foxx

This Monday, a top prosecutor in Cook County announced his resignation, stating that he “can’t continue to work for an administration I don’t respect.”

Jim Murphy, an assistant state’s attorney for Cook County, resigned on Friday after 25 years of service, citing his inability to continue working for Kim Foxx, who he claimed was “more concerned with political narratives and agendas than with victims and prosecuting violent crime,” and who’s “that is why I can’t stay any longer.”

In his office-wide resignation letter, which CWB Chicago was able to get, he stated, “I wish I could continue.” But I’m unable to continue working for this Administration. I have absolutely no faith in management.

He discussed a recent example in which Foxx summoned him to a meeting to examine bond hearings he had participated in, including one involving a “huge shootout” in which a woman who was crossing the street to enter a store was tragically shot after getting caught in the crossfire.

Kim Foxx

According to the letter, Foxx was upset during the discussion about a newspaper headline that said a suspect would not be charged with murder because of the “Safe-T Act,” which demands that prosecutors reach a higher standard of proof before holding suspects until trial.

That is the issue with this administration, in my opinion. Day after day, I’ve seen,” remarked Murphy. How many mass shootings must occur before action is taken?

The Safe-T Act, Foxx’s hasty elimination of cash bail while ignoring his objections, and “dangerously” low staffing levels in all sections and bureaus of Foxx’s office, including one or two-person courtrooms, were among the reasons given by Murphy for his retirement.

“Those courtrooms and departments would be fully staffed if this government were actually interested with efficiently combating violent crime,” he wrote. The rest of us, meantime, are overworked, overstressed, and lacking in resources. However, at least we could wear jeans in July.

The retirement was announced a few weeks after Foxx, according to the Chicago Tribune, claimed that 235 individuals, including lawyers, had left her office since July of last year. 130 employees left their jobs the year before the epidemic, in contrast.

From January 2020 to June 2022, around one-third of the assistant state’s attorney (ASA) positions were open and filled, the report states. In that time, the office hired 280 lawyers, although the number of employees is still below pre-pandemic levels.

The report cited a number of causes for the high turnover, including resentment over the Jussie Smollett hate-crime hoax case, a lack of support from the downtown executive-level staff during Covid, and how leadership handled the public outcry over a bond proposal connected to the police shooting of 13-year-old Adam Toledo last year. In April 2021, Murphy was placed on leave after testifying in court that Toledo was in possession of a firearm when the cop opened fire. Toledo dropped a revolver and raised his hands just before Police Officer Eric Stillman shot him, according to bodycam video.

Morale was severely damaged by Natosha Toller’s resignation as chief of the Criminal Prosecutions Bureau.

One prosecutor told the newspaper, “There’s twice as much work with no aid since we’re so short on attorneys. And you’re actually putting folks in a bad situation. Anything can backfire on you. The demands are too great to handle.

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NFT at Tottenham Hotspur F.C & A.S. Roma



NFT at Tottenham Hotspur F.C & A.S. Roma

When Tottenham Hotspur F.C. played A.S. Roma in the I-Tech Cup, itsmyne, a social-plus sports NFT marketplace by NFT Labs, was chosen to provide NFTs to more than 30k supporters.

30 July 2022, Singapore / — The I-Tech Cup match between Tottenham Hotspur F.C. and A.S. Roma will take place on July 30 at Sammy Ofer Stadium in Haifa, Israel. NFT Labs is excited to announce that their product, Itsmyne, has been chosen by HYPE Sports Innovation as a technology solution.

The competition, called the I-Tech Cup, was designed by the event’s organisers, MTR7. Their goal is to highlight technological innovation in Israel, which is known as “the Startup Nation.”

The I-Tech Cup will be a once-in-a-lifetime chance to demonstrate the evolution of live sports both on- and off-field. The rules and restrictions that come with the conventional frameworks of the federation and league games are not applicable to the I-Tech Cup because it is an exhibition game. Fans can now enjoy cutting-edge solutions that they have never seen before thanks to this.

NFT Labs will distribute commemorative NFTs through the Itsmyne web application as a part of their solution. These act as a reminder of the famous game while also functioning as tools for randomised prizes in the form of other NFTs and sporting goods. Commemorative NFTs resemble ticket stubs that a fan could save as a reminder that they watched their team play, with the exception that it is a digital and permanent record. Fans at the I-Tech Cup will be able to claim the NFT of their preferred team in under a minute without the need for a cryptocurrency wallet or prior familiarity with cryptocurrencies!

NFT at Tottenham Hotspur F.C & A.S. Roma

Fans may start the claim process from any device using a URL, and it will take them less a minute to finish.

NFT Labs will participate in a VIP SportsTech Innovation Expo that will take place before the game and highlight additional international solutions that are expected to have an impact on the sports business over the next five years.

NFTs are now providing a new computerised way for sports fans to acquire collectibles, according to Atharva Sabnis, CEO of NFT Labs. We want to make this new technology accessible to everyone by making it simple and intuitive for those who aren’t familiar with it.

The president and founder of HYPE Sports Innovation, Amir Raveh, stated: “The I-Tech Cup between Tottenham and A.S. Roma in Israel is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see live the most cutting-edge innovation firms in sports. I am proud of Atharva Sabnis and the team at NFT Labs because they are one of the few chosen solutions moving the sports industry forward.

Through GVA 3.0, NFT Labs and HYPE Sports Innovation initially made contact, and ever since then, the two organisations have shared the same mission: to advance the sports business through the power of innovation.

The $MYNE utility and governance token, a BEP-20 token that trades on PancakeSwap, BitMart, and Bitbns, powers Itsmyne. For additional details, refer to MYNE on CoinMarketCap:

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Kerrigan’s retirement marks the end of an era in Washington football.



Kerrigan's retirement

Ryan Kerrigan continued to refer to the Washington facility by its previous name despite the fact that he was wearing a shirt with the Commanders’ new emblem on it.

There were other echoes of the not too distant past besides that one. Punter Tress Way, who has been with the organisation the longest, was reminded of the times when Kerrigan would flex after making a sack when Washington was still known as the Redskins when he saw his former teammate at the Commanders training camp. The chapter for a franchise striving to reclaim long-lost grandeur is closed with Kerrigan’s retirement in the familiar burgundy and gold colours. Kerrigan was the final star player under the previous name.

At his retirement press conference on Saturday, Kerrigan stated, “It’s a new age of football here in Washington, and I’m hoping it means a lot of wins in the future, some playoff wins — something that I sadly didn’t get to experience here.” “I just hope that signifies good things going forward for the squad and good things for the guys in the locker room,” the player said.

Since the final game Kerrigan and his teammates played under the previous moniker on December 29, 2019, that locker room has undergone major transformation. A result of Ron Rivera’s roster revamp since taking over as coach and head of football operations on January 1, 2020, only 11 of the 91 players at camp had experience playing with the Washington Redskins.

As much as anything else, Kerrigan, who spent the previous two years with what was known as the Washington Football Team and played one season for Rivera, is a link to the past of the company.

Kerrigan's retirement

Chase Roullier on Kerrigan’s retirement

Chase Roullier, a centre who has played in Washington under all three names, said, “Obviously, Ryan spent most of his time here under the old name, but I think us Honoring him as the Commanders just carries on the legacy of that name and our team as a whole and demonstrates that, regardless of the change in name, we are still the same group of guys.” “There have been many cultural and other changes, but we are still able to commemorate Ryan as such a significant contributor to this franchise and what he has done for us.

Although pass-rushers Montez Sweat and Chase Young replaced Kerrigan after he left for one final season with Philadelphia, Kerrigan remains Washington’s all-time leader in sacks. Together, they were a part of the NFL’s second-ranked defence two seasons ago when the team advanced to the playoffs and won the NFC East.

Since then, several important parts have changed, notably the quarterback, Carson Wentz, and Kerrigan’s message to the club was upbeat about its future.

What’s really interesting is that Kerrigan comes out for one day and talks to us about what he sees in the locker room, the facility, and on the field and he uses the word “momentum,” Way said. “Even if he’s one of my closest friends, I would still make the same argument. You can just sense a certain momentum, so it just depends on how well we play, how many games we win, and how long that momentum lasts.

Since being appointed coach before the pandemic and the summer of 2020, when a national reckoning on racism in the U.S. prompted the team to drop the old name amid pressure from sponsors and after decades of criticism from Native American groups, Rivera has been charged with carrying out that mission.

Kerrigan likes the new moniker, for what it’s worth. As one of the last truly great Redskins players, he is also honoured by this reputation. “I know this team means a lot to a lot of people. It’s one of the oldest teams, one of the older franchises in the league, and it had a lot of great players come through,” said Kerrigan. “I truly like it.”

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Uncontrolled Chinese rocket Debris Updates



Chinese rocket Debris

According to the Aerospace Corporation, debris from a large Chinese booster rocket is expected to return to Earth on Saturday. Even though it will mostly burn up upon return, there is a minuscule chance that some of the fragments will cause harm or casualties.

The booster will reenter the atmosphere about 1:08 p.m. EDT, give or take an hour, according to Aerospace Corporation. The corporation stated that “it is still too early to identify a meaningful debris footprint” because the precise point of reentry is unknown.

Aerospace experts are monitoring a massive rocket component that is expected to come back to Earth as early as Saturday, although it is unclear when and where it will do so.

It is a part of the Long March 5B rocket, which China launched on July 24 in order to deliver a lab module to the Tiangong Space Station in China.

Chinese rocket Debris latest Feed

Rocket debris is often made to fall back down into the ocean in a controlled manner in order to avoid populated areas. The 23-ton rocket booster reached orbit during launch, but is currently being dragged toward Earth for an uncontrolled reentry, according to the Aerospace Corporation, a non-profit that provides technical advise on space operations to military, governmental, and commercial customers.

According to scientists, it won’t be feasible to determine the exact location of the rocket booster’s reentry into Earth’s atmosphere until a few hours before it happens.

Chinese rocket Debris

This week, astronomer Jonathan McDowell made a Twitter comment regarding the rocket’s uncontrollable reentry. The problem is that the upper stratosphere’s density changes over time since there is actual weather there. As a result, it is impossible to estimate precisely when the satellite will have penetrated enough atmosphere to melt, disintegrate, and finally reenter the atmosphere.

“If you are even an hour off in predicting when it would happen, you are 17,000 miles off in predicting where it will land because it is moving at 17,000 miles per hour. And that’s the main challenge here “said he.

The first two launches of the Long March 5B rocket resulted in unplanned reentry, with rocket fragments falling into the Indian Ocean in 2021 and near to the west coast of Africa in 2020.

The rocket may be too low for its sensors to detect, according to The Aerospace Corporation, therefore it is presently monitoring for confirmation of reentry and location. Despite the fact that it just announced that its most recent reentry prediction is 1:08 p.m., plus or minus an hour.

This massive rocket booster will partially, but not completely, burn up in the Earth’s atmosphere, with 20–40% of the mass, or around 5–9 metric tonnes, most likely surviving.

There is a “non-zero chance” that the uncontrolled reentry’s residual debris will land in a populated region because more than 88 percent of the world’s population lives “within the reentry’s probable debris footprint.”

Ted Muelhaupt, a consultant with Aerospace’s Corporate Chief Engineer’s Office, said during a Twitter discussion on the rocket’s reentry organised by the company this week, “We shouldn’t have to worry about this, but the danger is considerably higher than it should be.” However, since there is a 99.5 percent chance that nothing will happen, which should actually be 99.99 percent, this does not indicate a big risk.

Chinese officials have played down concerns over the unfettered reentry.

According to information currently available, this rocket is designed with special technology, and the overwhelming majority of its components will burn up during the reentry into the atmosphere. It is extremely unlikely that this technique will harm ground operations or aviation activities, said Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian at a news conference on Wednesday.

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