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Shocking video of Whale catching two women California

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Two women were enjoying the sea off the coast of California when, like Pinocchio, they received a scare when a humpback whale appeared to be about to swallow them. Both of them were silently paddling their kayaks when the cetacean came and opened its jaws in an incident captured on social media recordings. They depict the exact moment that the animal is able to catch them, but after a little interval that must have seemed endless to them, the animal releases the prey in the middle of the ocean. The rescue team was alerted by someone who saw the incident, and both people received treatment right away.

According to National Geographic, swallowing a human is physiologically impossible for all but one species, despite the fact that reports of individuals winding up in whales’ mouths are incredibly rare. The humpback’s throat is made to fit small fish, so even if the women had been hurt, they would not have been sucked in by the animal.

Another instance involving these cetaceans occurred a few months ago when video of the distress of a crew in Mexico who were struck by a whale went viral.

In other waters, such as those in Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador, and Peru, they are more frequently encountered, but it is always advisable to maintain a safe distance.

For instance, a diver who caught lobsters last year became popular after sharing his story of surviving being sucked up by a humpback whale off the coast of Massachusetts, USA. He chewed it for a full thirty seconds before spitting it back out. However, even though this species can fit a human within its mouth, once inside, it is difficult for it to swallow the human.

The humpback whale’s throat is the size of a human fist and may open up to 38 cm when it eats, so, as in the case of the women recently, they were not swallowed because the animal instantly spit them out after realising the predicament.

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What do Whale eat?

While most whales consume fish, odontocetes like sperm whales can also consume squid, while baleen whales like the blue and grey consume microscopic food like plankton, krill, and minnows.

The mentioned source asserts that since whales are merely attempting to eat fish and people are in the wrong place at the wrong time, it is possible that whales too have a negative experience when these circumstances occur to them.

Other kayakers were caught in a humpback whale’s throat off the coast of California in 2020. In actuality, all of these tales, or at least the most well-known ones, are perpetually reminiscent of the biblical account of Jonah being swallowed by a whale so as to prevent him from drowning. Gepetto, Pinocchio’s dad, ended up in one even in the marvellous plane. As a result, over time, these concepts persisted in many people’s thoughts until they were accepted as truth. The sperm whale is the only whale that has the ability to swallow a human, perhaps leading to a fatal encounter.

What are 4 types of whales called?

Baleen whales are included in the suborder Mysticeti, which has four families, including the Gray whale, the rorquals, the Right Whales, and the Humpback Whale, which has its own genus.

Do whales eat humans?

Whales don’t eat people, according to experts; instead, they devour tiny aquatic animals like fish, squid, and krill.

Do whales sleep?

Whales and dolphins in the wild and bottlenose dolphins in aquariums and zoos both exhibit two main sleeping positions: either they lie still in the water, either vertically or horizontally, or they gently swim next to another animal.

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