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TikTok star Addison Rae was criticised for “blasphemy” after posting a photo in an Adidas bikini with a religious theme.

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The most recent swimsuit photo of Addison Rae is stirring some debate. The “Father” and “Son” inscriptions are embroidered on the top of Praying’s Holy Trinity Bikini ($100), which the 21-year-old TikTok star is wearing in the picture she shared on Instagram on Tuesday. The scandalous suit’s bottom, which was created in collaboration with Adidas and only revealed Addison Rae’s top half in the photograph, reads “Holy Spirit.”

Addison Rae

While the star’s well-known acquaintances gushed about the look (singer Tate McRae said, “oh my goodness WOW”), many commenters expressed their disdain of the risky swim style. Photographer Mark “The Cobrasnake” Hunter dubbed the outfit a “home run.”

Item Beauty’s lash primer was the subject of a one-minute mobile video lesson by Addison Rae on July 27. However, this wasn’t a Reels video for her 40.1 million Instagram fans or one for her 88.5 million TikTok followers. She is currently one of the most important influences to join Flip.

Flip, a 2019-released social commerce software for the beauty industry, has recently received $60 million in Series B funding. Over the past month, prominent beauty influencers have joined regular beauty aficionados on the platform. Hyram Yarbro and Sommer Ray shared their initial Flip films on July 29 after Addison Rae. They join the group of authors who have been contributing to Flip since last December: Patrick Starrr, Patrick Ta, Shayla Mitchell, Angel Merino, and Ariel Tejada.

According to Noor Agha, founder and CEO of Flip, “When it comes to celebrities, the most essential thing is that we find people who want to talk about things that they put their name and brand behind.” He made it clear that for Flip, “exclusivity is not a strategy”—”not today, not ever.”

Flip has a unique “founder” category to enable brand founders to market their own products since all user videos on the platform are reviews of products users have purchased through the platform. The founder category includes many of the platform’s top influencers who are currently advertising their own brands. Agha calculated that there are approximately 30–40 active founders on the app. Although Flip has not revealed its user statistics, it has experienced a 500 percent increase in users and a 600 percent increase in transactions so far this year.

The influencers signed up for the app following discussions between Flip and their managers and agents, but according to Flip CCO Peter Wingsoe, they weren’t paid to sign up or post. Any user who uploads a video to the platform is automatically monetized and receives a cut of the revenue from views and sales of the products they have reviewed.

All influencers will do livestreams on Flip this month and in September along with making brief films on the site. Agha asserted that livestreaming is “a vital component of our product,” despite the fact that certain platforms, including Facebook, are reducing their livestream shopping services.

According to the Flip team, more well-known founders should start using the platform soon.

“We hope to onboard a slew of significant personalities over the following three to four months. This is only the beginning,” said Wingsoe. He wouldn’t give out names, but other celebrities and influencers have worked with the app: Halsey, the founder of About-Face, served as the official host of Flip’s Los Angeles launch party in December.

The platform’s influencers now have modest followings. Addison Rae has 322 followers and a video with 45,000 views, Tejada has roughly 1,800 followers, Yarbro has 496 followers, and his debut video has almost 48,000 views. Some people are using the enormous followings they have elsewhere to draw others to Flip. The Flip reviews that Patrick Ta and Patrick Starr wrote have been posted on various websites. However, Agha underlined that rather than influencers, Flip is primarily focusing on user development through personal sharing.

“Most of our users join as a result of other people posting and inviting their friends. We don’t really have a strategy for influencers,” said Agha.

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