Law of Attraction is a Truth or lie?

Truth or lie? – law of attraction

The law of attraction has been the subject of death for the last 15 years. So much has been written about this law, so mush things have been claimed, but yet there are many confusions that even if it really works or not.

The main rule of law of attraction is “like as like”.

It has been featured in the movie ”The Secret” and also stated certainly as

  • You have magnetic thoughts it attracts the situations, people as and different events in your life.
  • Your positive thoughts will attract love, health, and wealth.
  • You have brought all the happiness, joy, and fulfillment in your life with your positive thoughts.
  • If you have negative thoughts it will attract poverty, sickness, and loneliness.
  • You have bought misery, poverty, tensions, and sickness into your life with your negative thoughts.
  • Reality is created the way you think.
  • Everything that happens in your life you’re100% responsible for everything.


Universal vending machine.

The way it is usually sold is that if you think hard enough about the right thinking, with enough intensity, you can express whatever you want and the “universe” will bring it into your life.

The universe is the cosmic vending machine in this model.

Many of us at some point in our lives [often in times of frustration] bought into it and gave it away.

Does it work?

Sometimes it really works but sometimes it does nothing.

When it doesn’t work, we react in two different ways, either we grind our teeth and throw the copy of “The Secret” in a dustbin, or we think about it that what is missing in this story then we buy a new book to change our course.

Please do not think that I am laughing or insulting these attitudes. I’ve done both! I have experienced amazing success and positive results in my attempts to reveal things and it is a soul-destroying failure.

Here is an evaluation summary of the law of attraction;

Truth or lie

  • The law of attraction is a lie because it is a partial truth that masks as absolute truth.


  • Teachers have no scientific proof of the law of attraction. They explain that it has a direct link to your thoughts and mind. There is a direct link between your situations and events that you create in your life.
  • There are a number of factors that can make the connection between responding to your ideas and determining the outcome of your experiences.


  • The Law of attraction is presented as a fact while it’s a belief because there is no scientific proof of this law the fact presented about this law is wrong.


  • In an everyday domain in the inner domain of your influence, how you respond to an event affects your experience and the consequences that follow.
  • We have no way of saying with certainty that the intent placed in the external domain – “there” in the realm of probability – is related to the result or cause.


  • In the inner domain of reactions/reactions and results, there is no scientific proof that ideas resonate. The scientific concepts presented by law teachers about the magnetic resonance of ideas are based on pseudo-science and are thus meaningless. What happens is on the cause and effect, not on the echo.
  • In the external domain, there is no proof from a scientific point of view that our imaginations have any effect on the “things there” or that the “things there” respond to our thoughts.


  • The idea of ​​just “putting it out” and waiting for the universal vending machine is unreasonable.
  • There is nothing without success. It is verifiable proof of the lives of many successful people…. Including many teachers who claims the law of attraction
  • The focus is on [1] Setting “the direction of the journey” – set a vision and a goal and [2] “how to” develop a range of skills – to make the journey a success, in particular, To recognize and act on emerging opportunities, and to deal with frustrations and failures along the way.
  • These are the skills that make the connection between your answers and your results.
  • Balance your with inactivity – “Do without doing” – works on the basis of “do be do do”
  • .Take direct action by following internal cues and intuitions.


  • There are many reasons that why the law of attraction doesn’t work, one of them is the level of your mind and your actions are doing two different things.
  • The “monkey brain” that is not trained to stop thinking is full of too much “wasteful thinking”.
  • Work with all levels of your mind Is a key to a good working relationship with your brain is to have tools, techniques, and resources.
  • The goal is for them all to work together, to take you in the same direction, and at the same time!


The results you experience are determined by your responses to life events.

This can be written as: Outcome = Event x Response

The quality and strength of your response are considered by the skills and experience you put into it.


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