Movie “The Secret” and law of attraction

The secret behind the worldwide Change in our lives to the law of attraction
Since “the secret” movie had been released that has an accompanying book, which was released by Rhonda Byrne in 2004 has been changing the worldwide lives to the law of attraction. Byrne made this movie ”the secret” because she faced many misfortunes in her personal as well as professional life. She was inspired by a book which was written by Wallace D. Wattles called ‘The Science of Getting Rich. It was published in 1910.
Wallace D. Wattles in his book says that it’s rarely happening to get rich by luck and create a lot of wealth. If someone knows the science behind this so he/she can apply it anywhere, anytime, and on anyone. As long as this law of attraction of wealth is followed by a person who has no talent who has no knowledge as well as he is not intelligent could be rich, while if most talented, intelligent, and wise persons failed to know the secret behind the law of attraction and science behind getting rush or if they made any mistake to follow the law of attraction of wealth can never be rich. This law works Every time for everyone regardless of how bad or good is someone. Although the way to get rich in a good way will be broadly different from the bad way.
According to wattles, there is no need to work hard or Sacrifice for long in a way to get rich, In a way that is generally assumed to lead to greater wealth. Instead, a person should do what he calls “a certain way.” To follow the law of attraction of wealth is the secret behind getting rich. Just reading a few pages of “ the science of getting rich” Byrne was inspired by this.
“ I still remember my tears were falling on the pages of the book when something inside me turns me to read the pages one by one. It gave me a clue of this secret it was something like the light inside my heart”, said Byrne. When she was ready the science behind getting rich for the first time. She said she was attracted to this law, and she was inspired by this. She clearly felt that she find her directions.
Byrne discovered in next to months that this secret actually exists in all the recorded history of all great religions, great scientific advances, great inventions, and great philosophers and highly successful businessmen, going back in the thousands of years. After a long study, she realized that all she got is the law of attraction that’s why she titled her movie “the secret”.
According to the law of attraction whatever we think and which type of thoughts we have in our minds becomes reality someday. According to this, our imagination precedes experience so our thoughts and imagination create the world around us. It’s not about the twist of the idea. It is not about delusion or deception. The secret of the law of attraction must be taken literally. They are not “magic”, but they work. If you have desires and thoughts of poverty and lack of money, you will work in a way, it will exclude the money from your life. Instead of attraction money will pass by you. Even if you get the money it will be fly soon and you’ll Penny less again. But if you create your thoughts to become wealthier and wealthiest you’ll become wealthy because you have thoughts to become rich. The money will fly towards you. And there would be a time when you will get money in abundance. You will get money effortlessly. And increasing the money effortlessly in your life will be a part of your life. Truly it will attract different things like true relationships and fulfill excellent health of you.
The people who were featured in the movie “the secret” are successful and lively examples of the law of attraction of wealth. Bob Proctor is one of those featured characters. He is the wealthiest person as well as a philosopher. He is a life coach who is working for 40 years in this field of potential capacity. Since he was struggling as a Young Man in 1960 he discovered the law of attraction of wealth. He created a book, CD, and DVD set named 11 forgotten law of attraction. After explaining his appearance he put together people in “ the secret”. It helps people to understand the law of attraction. And the usage of the law of attraction to get wealthier, methods to apply the law of attraction in your daily life.
So, why we cannot learn this law if we could have such benefits. If you want to inspire yourself just think about your present condition. Are you satisfied with your present life? If no so you should also learn this secret to get rich. It will definitely work just believe in yourself and follow the law of attraction if wealth.
“The secret” is the living example for you to get inspired. Byrne was inspired by wattles book “Science of getting rich”. So why don’t you read this book to enhance your knowledge and inspiration? What is stopping you to get rich effortlessly. Just think about it and be the next lively example of this beneficial law.

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