Power of Thought And The Law Of Attraction

It wasn’t until production of “The Secret” was completed that people around the world were first exposed to information about the power of thought and some of the natural laws of our universe.

For most people (myself included) thoughts are just these harmless things. These things circulate in our minds, and only we know them, and have no real influence on our thoughts or anyone else’s.

At first glance, you can say that this theory seems relatively reasonable.

However, if you dig deeper, you will find that this concept is completely obsolete.

There is a real misunderstanding behind the true power of thought.

Many of my family and friends still don’t understand the power they have when it comes to their thoughts and the ideas they generate.

The law of attraction – the secret of showing and creating

God and the universe have given us the ability to create and manifest anything we want.

“How”, you may ask, it’s very simple, because of our innate ability to think.

Thought is the first step in manifesting all creation.

Every thought is an amazing energy that radiates out into the universe. Then these energetic ideas act like magnets and can effortlessly attract other ideas, people, circumstances and environments to match them.

Thoughts work and conform to specific universal laws of continuous action. These laws govern our entire lives and are vital to ensure world order and harmony.

When it comes to the power of thought, the law of attraction is an important part.

The law of attraction is the power of the universe to magnetically attract similar energies.

In a simpler way: ‘like attracts likes’.

Many people think that the law of attraction is metaphysical nonsense, but the principles of the law are based on scientific facts. Physics has clearly shown that the principle governing the law of attraction is as real as the principle governing the law of universal gravitation.

Therefore, if this is indeed the case, then the energy we create through our thoughts will have a huge impact on our lives.

The power of concentration

When we focus on something long enough, be it negative or positive, it generates an emotional energy that will expand appropriately and attract similar energy through the law of attraction.

It is therefore not surprising that struggling with your problems, fears and worries will only attract more problems, fears and worries into your life.

Conversely, focusing on happiness, success and achievement means that you will attract similar emotions and experiences.

When it comes to actively using the law of attraction to create a better life for yourself, it’s very important to think more about what you want rather than what you don’t want.

But I know all too well, this can be a challenge at times.

A great tool I use to help me focus on more of the things I want in life is through affirmation.

It should be a positive statement, and if repeated regularly, it becomes part of your belief system. Once this happens, your subconscious mind (that’s the part of our brain where 98% of the activity takes place) starts working and attracting people and opportunities into your life.

Please note that I did not mention that our subconscious directly attracts success itself. Rather, it will attract situations and circumstances that can lead you to success.

cause and effect

Another important thing worth mentioning is that every result or outcome in our life has a direct cause.

Our entire universe is governed by the law of cause and effect.

Unfortunately, we often fail to see and understand how this applies to the ideas we create in our minds.

In fact, most of us are so far removed from the results and consequences of our thoughts (causes) that we cannot make any real connections.

All in all, it’s important to realize that each of us cannot escape the law of attraction. Like the law of universal gravitation, it works 24/7, 365 days a year. It never takes holidays or days off.

Nor does it analyze or judge… it treats everyone equally, regardless of skin color, religion or background.

Your thoughts, feelings and emotions, conscious or unconscious, will ultimately determine whether the law of attraction is good or bad for you.

We all have the ability to create incredible and exciting lives.

By simply using the power of thought, you will begin to experience magical things that happen.

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