“The Notebook” Law of attraction

My favorite romantic movie is The Notebook, It’s an amazing movie for a description of the law of attraction. The main character of the story is a young man named Noah, who, at the beginning of the film, tarnished the love of his life, Eli Hamilton. Every time he sees Eli, he knows who he is and he is steadfast and faithful to that knowledge throughout the film. He appears on the screen as a comfortable and easy-going young man in a state of ‘source energy’, who lives on a daily basis.

It’s the story of a man who falls in love with Eli the moment he sees her. Throughout hid film, his love never breaks. Even Allie was forced to leave her city because her parents did not want her to marry such a lowly man, Noah loved her. He used to write 365 letters in the whole year to continue his relationship with her but one day he came to know that Allie’s mother didn’t show any letter to Allie.

Allie thought that Noah loves him no more because he didn’t write a single letter to her. While she was working as a nurse in an experienced hospital, she met another man, Lone. When Lon asked her to marry she agreed.

In another scene, Noah and Allie are going to a house where they lived for the very first time where Noah says that he wants to build a house on the same site one day and they start talking about it. Does. Looks like Allie. Allie said:

What do you think of me, I don’t talk about all of them? And Noah answered, “Do you want to say something about it?” And Allie said, “Well, yes, I want a white house with blue shutters and a big old porch.” All around the porch “and Noah promised and then, she would make whatever she wanted.

A year later, he writes one last letter, “Goodbye” and then stops writing to Allie. He went to war and on his return, his father sold his house and bought a house on the lake for Noah. At one point, after Noah’s time in battle, Noah went to a town for a business and ended up seeing Allie on the street. He follows her and watches her meet his new fiancé. He snaps emotionally, goes home, and starts renovating the old house that his father bought for him, like never before. It’s as if he’s obsessed with creating what Allie thinks she wanted, sure she’ll come back to him.

One person knows that Noah still loves Allie very much, and it is often quoted that Allie is still in love with Noah. When Allie saw a picture of Noah in his renovated house on paper he fainted and started thinking about him again instead of his fiancé who was still waiting for her.

Allie decided to take a few layers off to visit Noah and see how he was. She was stunned at his visit and immediately fell in love with him. She came alive.

It has never stopped him from being “wanted” and the universe has now sought resources to reconnect the two. This is the law of emotion in action … what one thinks and feels is brought.

They spent time in that house which was renovated exactly like that which they decided to do a few years ago, a painting room in a white house with a blue-trimmed porch for Allie. They made it exactly as they wanted previous years ago when they loved each other. Then they shared their old memories with each other that how much they loved each other. Noah asked Allie for boating. They went to the river for boating but it begins to rain. They end up with lots of laughter and happiness. They felt the same feelings as they’ve in past for each other. They were happy at that moment.

After boat riding, Allie asked Noah that why he didn’t try to contact her?… Noah told her that he wrote her 365 letters. He wrote a letter for daily a day. Allie became confused that if Noah had written any letter then why she didn’t receive any letter. It revived her love for him as never before.

They started loving each other again, the flood of old memories came back. They were in passionate love with each other. Allie went back home and asked her mother about the letters with were sent by Noah. Her mother hands over All the to Allie. But in a dramatic situation when Noah was very emotional he yelled at Allie that stop thinking about others that what they want from her. He asked her to think about herself that what she wants.

Then Allie understands that this is the time when she has to choose one. But who? Noah or Lon….

Then Allie realized that it is nature’s plan. They were made for each other. The universe makes a way to make them together. It makes them together for their honest love.

Allie, of course, chooses Noah and the story draws to a close when Allie suffers from Alzheimer’s disease and Noah stays in the hospital where Allie is, and they move to the other side of the screen.

In a scene, Noah said that he had done only a good job in his life that he loved a woman from his heart and soul. And he is just a normal guy. He said these lines when Allie was about to lose. There was nothing remaining.

And the story ends. It’s really a perfect example story for the law of attraction.

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