Mike Tyson Claims that Hulu Stoles his Story

In a Saturday Twitter message, boxing icon Mike Tyson expressed his persistent opposition to Hulu's choice to proceed with a documentary series about his life

That is an outright untruth. Years ago, my choice on life rights expired. No one from Hulu or their arrogant staff ever attempted to negotiate

They claim that this story explores a Black man. It resembles the exploitation of a Black man more

It is disgusting that Hulu believes that recruiting Black sacrificial lambs to serve as frontmen for their backdoor robbery will mask their traces

Rogers and her co-executive producer Karin Gist stated they intended to present Tyson's narrative from many different angles

As a writer and storyteller, Rogers stated, I don't really like to be dependent on just one source

We really wanted to as comprehensive as possible in the research and the dramatisation of the events of his life

It's my moment, he declared, not as Trevante but as this incarnation of a Black guy.