3 Simple Golf Tips to Quickly Improve Your Distance

Every golfer desires to learn the best golf tip for increasing their reach. The truth is that there is none. It’s common sense, and golf should be treated as a sport. The golf swing is no longer reserved for the frail and feeble.

Any golf tips you hear to increase distance should be linked in some way to the physical aspect of the golf swing. That is, don’t you believe that the swing places an enormous amount of pressure on your body, especially your lower back?


To relieve this pain and increase your distance quickly, you’ll need strength and stretching exercises that are tailored to your body and golf swing.


Thus, the fast fixes (band-aids) that you read about in magazines and on the golf channel are just temporary. You will not be able to replicate it reliably until your physical weaknesses are improved.


So let’s get started with these straightforward and extremely useful tips.


Tip No. 1:


Prior to the first tee, perform a complex warm-up. Never omit it. It is more important than hitting balls prior to playing. How much do you see a professional athlete enter the field and immediately begin playing? Certainly never. That is the argument I am making.


A simple warm-up could consist of arm circles, toe touches, club squats, and standing twists with the club extended out in front of you chest high.


That is it! Simple but extremely successful way to get your body ready for that LONG drive off the first tee.


#2 Suggestion


Stretching on the course can help keep the body loose during the backswing, resulting in increased clubhead speed and reliably LONG drives. There are only a few ESSENTIAL swing-specific stretches that can keep your body balanced for 18 holes.


I’ll mention one stretch: the backswing/shoulder stretch. It’s a very straightforward stretch that will help you sustain a full and fluid backswing.


All you have to do is assume your golf pose, with your arms naturally dangling in front of you. If you are a right-handed golfer, you can place your right hand under your left, so that the backs of both hands touch.


Now, using the back of your right hand against the back of your left, gently draw your upper body all the way into your backswing and catch. Hold for 15 seconds and then repeat.


This stretch should be performed on nearly every hole to maximise your enjoyment.


#3 Tip


Strengthen your heart and increase your rotational speed. This one is “off the beaten path” and can even be performed in the comfort of your own home with limited equipment. This is only one tip (exercise) among many that you can use to significantly increase the power of your “on-course” drives.


The basic golf swing is rotational in nature, as it consists of a turn back and a turn through. Then why would you refrain from doing several exercises to increase your rotational strength and flexibility?


You will now if you are serious about your game!


The Seated Twist with a dumbbell is a basic golf exercise. It’s a simple exercise that can be performed with a 5 or 8-pound dumbbell.


Grab a single dumbbell with both hands and hold it out in front of you when seated on the field.


Now lean back, focusing on the abs. Your legs should be bent at the knee and together.


Begin by turning side to side using only your upper body. Maintain as much stability in your lower body as possible.


To reap the full benefits of the workout, perform three sets of twenty repetitions. Again, this is only ONE OF MANY exercises that can improve the core’s rotational muscles.


I’ve just demonstrated three fast and simple golf tips that will significantly increase your distance. Now, go forth and make it a reality.

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