Women in the Golf Industry

Today, fewer and fewer people are trying to play golf.

This trend has led to golf courses across the country either being closed and turned into fields, or sold to developers to build apartment complexes or residential communities on the land. I wondered: what caused the love for games to decline? Usually it only takes 4 hours or more to play 18 holes, and people use themselves as an excuse to be too busy.

They have families and jobs, work overtime (sometimes even on weekends). And say they rarely do business on golf courses.

So, who will save the game and expand the once popular sports? The answer is women! Women must participate in golf. So they can spend time and have fun with men and friends! The golf industry, and even society as a whole, has not yet met this demand. The industry is making it difficult for women to participate in this sport. Rather than trying to respond to or encourage this sport.

For example, recently I walked into a golf shop, where only men’s items were: men’s shirts, pants, shoes and hats. I asked the person at work, “Do you guys have anything here for ladies?” He said, “We have ladies gloves.” So at least they know that ladies should wear gloves to play golf.

Currently, the industry is promoting women’s golf by encouraging the younger generation to participate in golf. They offer kids golf day camps, Girls Golf LPGA and junior leagues to stimulate their enthusiasm for this sport and hope they will bring this sport to adulthood. But it just stopped there: they didn’t extend the sport to young people and women. They just hope the little girls still want to be involved when they grow up. However, after the end of the primary training camp, there were few activities to encourage women to participate. Maybe they think the next generation will create something. As you can see, this is not the case.

Golf is a great way for people to spend time, be it with friends and family, or a way for strangers to get to know each other. The sport seems to separate men and women. It has become a woman who plays golf with other women and a man who plays golf with other men, and there is disagreement in the sport.

For example, when I go on vacation with other couples, guys want to play golf, girls want to go shopping, or just lay on the beach. As a golfing woman, I feel pain between spending time with friends and playing golf (a game I love). When I play with them they will feel that I am intruding on their time, so it’s not very attractive, and I won’t be spending time with my friends. Women play games without any stimulation or encouragement, and they feel unwelcome. There is still time to change this habit and revive this exciting sport. I believe women will make a difference.

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